Crystal Double Edge Razor Blades (100 Blades)

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  1. Crystal brand double edge razor blades. These double edge blades are Platinum Chrome plated and fit all double edge razors.

    are these a good buy? they're from westcoast and made in Israel.[​IMG]
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    I have never tried them, but if you are unsure which blades suit you, it might be better to grab a blade sample pack from the same vendor. That way you can get to try a number of different blades....
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    I have yet to try the Crystals, which are $2 more per 100 than than the Red Pack Israeli Personnas, that I believe I read are made in the same factory. That extra probably pays for the white plastic case bubble packed on a 4" x 4" card stock for every 10 Crystal blades. While the card stock boxes housing every 5 Personna blades may come out to about the same amount used for the Crystals, I prefer to not buy the plastic packaging of the Crystals. The "Red Packs" as they are known provide a mild, exceptionally smooth shave in my Merkur HD. They are popular with many here.
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  4. I have used these blades and find them to be a smooth and forgiving blade. They remind me of the IP-Red's. Of course this is a classic case of YMMV, but the price is right and they are of good quality. It's in the middle of the road amongst other blades in circulation. Get a sampler pack at John's and see if you would commit to a larger supply of these blades.
  5. these are wonderful blades - smooth & forgiving, yes, & effective.

    They are quite like Red IPs. Crystals are my #2 blade behind Red IPs.
  6. aka Blue Israelis.....I love them, but you should buy a sample to try them prior to ordering 100. Blades selections are about as personal as they come, what one guy loves, another one is sure to despise.
  7. Even though they are made in the same factory, they are not the same blade as the red IP's. I find them to be much sharper. Not to the point of risking irritation or nicks, but much better at getting a closer shave. The Crystals are actually my 2nd favorite blade. So I would say they are a fine buy.


    That is my opinion, and we all know how those vary. Like an earlier poster mentioned, the best route is a sample pack. This way you don't get stuck with 100 blades of any brand that you find you don't care for.
  8. I LOVE crystals but would recommend a sampler of anything and everything until you find what works for you... you don't want to buy 100 of something then try another blade and shave with regret..!
  9. I agree that you should try the Crystals and others in a sample pack. I did not like the Crystals as much as others on B&B seem to like them. As always, razor and razor/blade combinations are all about personal preference. With a sample pack, of course, you aren't going to feel that you need to go through an entire pack of blades that you do not like simply b/c you bought 100 of them. Happy experimenting!!!
  10. I like both Crystals and red pack IPs - but they are different blades....I also find the Crystals a touch sharper. I would suggest trying them, but as others have said, go with a sampler from John at westcoastshaving - then you can buy in bulk when you know what works best for you.

    And the price is the best out there. John is a great vendor.
  11. For the longest time, these were known as "blue Israeli" and "no-name Israeli" blades. You can get them on the 'bay in a plain white cardboard box with 100 blades packed in. Search "Israeli razor blades" and you'll find some vendors. If you just search "Israel" you'll only find the red ones.

    I've bought both the red and the blue from WestCoast, and I readily and very happily recommend him. You won't go wrong with buying from that vendor.

    For me, and I'm sure lots of guys these are the blades against which others are measured. They're known as among the best. The blue is a really great blade.

    Red pack Israeli blades were very controversial when they first came out. People didn't believe that they came from the same factory, they didnt' believe that they were from Israel, they sent emails and letters to the company, one guy, managed to track down (I think) the president of the company to speak with him, another guy sent the barcode on the package to the plant for confirmation.

    It was truly absolutely incredible how people were trying to figure out how the "new" red pack compared to the tried and true "blue". People now have fallen in love with both the red and the blue.
  12. thanks for the info, :thumbup1: I was wondering about them myself as I got a pack of each in my sampler from WCS.
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    They didn't work the best for me, but they were still pretty good.
  14. Don't buy a 100 pack of anything until you've tried out at least 4 or 5 blades. Those Crystals are worthless if you have tough beard hair. They will pull rather than cut the hair. YMMV, but buying 100 of anything without trying it very is a very bad idea.
  15. As someone who loves both red and blue israeli blades, I can speak from personal experience. Blues israelis are a closer shave than red. Though both leave my face BBS in the morning, I still have DFS by 5 in the afternoon when I use blue israelis. They are not as newbie-safe as the red israelis, but they are quite safe nonetheless. They'll give a shave that 95% as close as a feather, with 1/2 the risk of a cut. YMMV

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