Crystal blades--is it only me or are they awesome?

Discussion in 'Safety Razor Blades' started by traps38, Jun 25, 2012.

  1. I have a lot of blades that i have still to try but today was the day i tried for the first time Crystal blades.
    Now i don't know if it was my setup: {slim at 9 and Tabac soap}
    But i got an extraordinary great bbs shave and hardly no irritation at all.
    The blade looks well made,glided on my face with no tugging or pulling and all in all felt great.
    Are they equally good to you and where can you buy some at a good price?
  2. Its not just you, they are fantastic blades.
  3. MY NUMBER ONE BLADE. ABOVE ALL OTHERS. They may be sharper, but none smoother for my taste. Love 'em. To top it off, ten years ago I used to pay 12$ for 5 blades in the US>

    Now ... super cheap. Love it.
  4. would anybody know where to get a good price for a box of 100 ?
    Don't forget shipped to Canada.
  5. My daily razor blade
  6. Omp


    US$22.39 for 120 shipped from Connaught Shaving. No idea how that compares with what you pay in the over there.

    Only tried 1 a few months back. It was after only a handful of shaves so I will need to revisit before I could give a decent opinion on the blade.
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  7. It would be a terrible business model for them if it was only you. ;-)
  8. Fine blades.
  9. I purchase my IP from a Ebay seller, 15$/100.
  10. Wheres the best place to buy a 5 or 10 pack of these blades?
  11. They are a great blade. Sharp and smooth. I have 200 of them. I got 100 of them off of a vendor on eBay for around $16 shipped and then I got 100 from WCS for $9.99 (it was the deal of the day.... 100 Crystals normally sell for $12 on WCS).

    To my knowledge you can't buy them packaged in pillars or in bulk. They come in packs of 10 (I think), individually packaged. I blind bought the first 100 based on the reviews I read on here. I'm glad I did.... they are one of my favorite blades.

  12. Correct me if I am wrong but are these not the same as Personna Red Packs?
  13. not the same
  14. i'm ordering a batch soon as I have many blades to go thru but so far my favorites. have yet to try a feather but i'm still a noob at de shaving. under 6 months
  15. Try the feather before you order anything in bulk. And some Gillette 7oclock sp.
  16. Easily a top three blade for me!
  17. Crystals are not my fav; but blade brands seem to vary a lot between individuals. Definitely a personal choice.

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