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  1. I am looking to try an inexpensive fountain pen for just messing around with. I will likely take it with me to sign the 10,000 signatures required to sign my life away for the house I am buying. OK I have seen a few posts about the Cross Aventura on other forums, and a few people having issues finding a converter for it, some say no issue with the Cross converter. But the reviews of the pen so far seem to say it is an good if not a great pen. I think it looks fairly nice and a lot better than a lot of pens in it's clearance price point. I saw it at a local office supply store for 19.95, at that price should I pick it up? I figure if I hate it I can always take it back and I hear there customer support at Cross is supposed to be good if I have problems with it.

    Also does anyone know what converter it should use? The screw on type or the push fit?

    by the way this will be my only fountain pen.... :wink2:
  2. Pick one up, the converter needs to be the push on type, and you may need to take a spring out of the body to get the converter to fit nicely (otherwise you get a little mess when trying to refill the converter).

    I have one and have been using it as a daily carry pen for a little over a year now with no problems.

  3. I got one in a PIF here, I'm happy with it but not loving it.
    It writes well, but the body is cheap next to my other pens, definitely low end. It's a daily workhorse pen, no-one will ever admire it or try to steal it from you, but it gets the job done ;)

    The nib is a medium, too wet/thick for my taste but that's a YMMV of course.

    PS - the push on converter works, even if the package specifically says it doesn't!
  4. Hey where I work if you have anything better than a generic ballpoint pen it is considered nice and up to be taken! Heck even sharpie markers are considered premium! I think it does look a bit nicer than most $20 pens, but at full price I agree. I will pick it up if it is still there Thursday as that will be the next time I am near the store. I just have to keep it away from my son, he has a real addiction to pens, not necessarily nice ones, just pens. I think he has over a hundred in his desk drawer, mostly cheap disposable ballpoints. (Kind of looks like my shave den!) He is only 13 but the AD seems to have already hit him.

    Thanks for the confirmation on the converter, the screw on says it is for all pens except Townsend so it was a bit confusing.
  5. OK so I went to Office Depot on my way to work. Picked up the last one they had, it was 19.92 strange price, but what the heck. It was the demo model but had never had ink in it. I popped one of the cartridges in and it is nice. This is my first fountain pen. I used to use dip calligraphy pens in high school, though I was not very good. I am looking at closing on a house in February, so I figured it would be nice to have a good pen to sign my name a few hundred times! The cartridge is fairly small, how long should I expect it to last? It came with 2, but I don't want to have to change it mid process at the closing. I am going to get a converter, now to decide on ink to start with, perhaps 5 o'clock shadow? Looks like a nice correspondence/business color. Seems like it has enough personality to enjoy.
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    If you're looking for a nice, inexpensive FP to as a starter, check out Dave's (Benton Clay) website. I've used the Big Green, Two Ladies, and the Shakespeare. The Big Green is a medium while the other two are finer. Using the Shakespeare as my daily writer now.
  7. In the house buying process myself, I can vouch that signing hundreds of documents with an FP is much easier on the hand than with a ballpoint!
    (Just watch out for carbon copy sheets, they need a lot more pressure than you normally use with an FP)

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