cream or soap?

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  1. I tried my homemade shaving soap with Palmolive shaving lather and loved the results. But I cannot stand the Palmolive alone. I was wandering if cream is so much better than soap that I should start using a recipe I dug up a few years ago for shaving cream. Is there a difference in the lather between the two or is the cream just more convenient? I cannot bring myself to pay 10 to 15 bucks just to see if a good cream will beat my soap. The cream will cost about $.30 per ounce to make as apposed to $.15 for my soap. Amy thoughts?

  2. My experience: Cream gives better protection (sometimes also meaning more passes), soaps better lubrication (less passes, closer shave).
  3. My experience: creams give thicker lather with lesser scent. Soaps provide more luxurious lather (no as thick though but feels great) and have stronger scent. I like to use cream (Taylor's avocado) every day and from time to time (or special occasions) Mama Bear's Sandalwood Vanilla ....
  4. Both have contributed in giving me a top-quality BBS shave.
  5. Hi
    First congratulations on your hard soap. I am developing one myself and it has been very difficult.
    If you are making the soap from scratch you have the potential to make a very good cream. You can pick each oil for what it brings to your soap so that it is truely custom for your needs.
    Cream soap is not too difficult if you have mastered hard soaps and you can add different oils as you don't have to worry about producing a hard bar. I personlly have found that the oils used to make the bar hard are the less conditioning ones. Perhaps this is the reason so many shavers have found cream soaps to be less drying and tend to have richer lather than hard soaps.
    I do make both and have finally found recipies that I think are quite good. PM me if you want suggestions. I can't give you my recipie but I am willing to share some of my mistakes so you can avoid them.

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