crazy prices on the bay - again....

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  1. Saw this one and couldn't believe it:

    oops. Sorry 'bout that. No links to live auctions or descriptions.

    Really? I give these things away: or I've sold em for ~10 bucks or so - same condition (not really sure I agree with seller's descrip anyway).

    One never can tell on the ol' bay-o.
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    It's against the B&B rules to post live auctions.
  3. I agree w you...remove the eBay linky
  4. Links to live auctions are not allowed.

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    Link? I don't see no link? :001_cool:
  6. Yeah, 5 mins to remove the link (before auction ends).

    I assume there is more to the OP than meets the eye, or maybe the wrong link was posted?

    This is higher than I would pay, but it is certainly not an unworldly price. Right now 14 people believe that item to be worth about as much as a Merkur 38C....
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    What is a link?:blink:
  8. Initially, it may seem like a high price, but these models typically have caps that look like hell, and that one looks to be extremely nice.

    Besides, what equivalent modern gold plated razor can you buy for $50?
  9. Awright you guys - the link was a faux pas. :sneaky2: {wait! what link?} Thought it might run before the post actually hit. Ah well - now I don't have the link. Anyway, it was ~50+ USD for basically an avg NEW bar handled. Probably higher now. But, I suppose, if you wanted t bad enough...

    My point was this: on the bay, you just never know - time of day, # of bidders, interest in the item. Interesting what razors goo for and why. I saw a decent Regent Tech go for <50 and I'd rather have that than a NEW - but that's just me. 'Twas my point: bay proces often confuse me - but so do people. Nothing more, nothing less....
  10. Just did a search for "Gillette NEW" over on the Bay and oh yes some of the crazy prices are back.
    49.00 for a NEW with only the cardboard box with plate loss and a blade of the era,geeze I picked up a very,very mint Red/Black cased NEW for 30.00 bucks less than that.
    And just a few listings down is a "Very kool classy mint unused old stock 1932 Gillette hand razor great graphics" for 67.95 the seller claims to be a collector but can't list it as a DE or safety razor or even ID it properly,it's a Canadian Tech with the W-2 date code clearly visible and the "great graphics" are from a Super Speed instruction sheet that from the cross hatching on the image seems to be a flair tip at that.
    You'd think that a "collector" would know the basics of Gillette date coding or in the very least be able to spot that the razor and instruction sheet are from 2 very different razors.
    And just in case anyone was interested the person selling the G-4 Fatboy/Slimboy ( otherwise known as a brassed up POS Slim Adjustable) for 59.99 still has it listed like 5 months later.

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    I know, last winter it was the crazy high prices for SLIMS, now NEWS
  12. I suggested on the newbie board that maybe a sticky or something that points out some of the dangers to look out for on Ebay. I know it's basically Caveat Emptor, but everyone can use some help now and again.
  13. If someone is willing to pay $50 for that particular razor, then $50 is that razor's
    market value. Nothing quite determines and item's value like and auction.

  14. I apologize for not getting my meaning expressed clearly...I agree that whatever the market bears, is what it's worth. I was just suggesting some of the things the more experienced buyers on here have found on Ebay that they could pass along to newer buyers. Sort of red flags that something is not right, or some razors that get passed off as something they are not. Just an idea.
  15. No, $50 is the price someone paid. Its market value is what someone will pay NOW for the item, which could be more or less than $50.

    With eBay there are so many variables that affect the selling price. While an average of many 'bay sales of like items is a fair indicator, a single sale probably is not an accurate indicator of anything other than what one lucky person (or fool) paid for that item.

    Poor pictures, bad timing, wrong categories, and incorrectly worded titles cause an item to sell for less. (We're always looking for that blurry-pictured double ring listed as an "old shaver" in the Health & Beauty category and listed to end at noon on Sunday . . .) Conversely, good pictures, deceptive pictures, keyword spamming, proper listings, lucky timing, and two or three eBay "newbies" fighting over the same razor will cause the selling price to rise. None of these really have anything to do with the item's true market value.
  16. Here is the original link.

    Nothing too crazy here, IMHO. Good pictures from multiple angles, a cap that shows no brassing, all the teeth are perfect, and a razor in good condition overall. Rare to find these looking this nice.
  17. Seems like prices are dropping on adjustables, compared to a few months ago anyway. I keep seeing slims, and even the occaisonal Fatboy go for less then $20. User quality rather than mint of course.
  18. Actually, this is a great time to buy common shaver-grade razors. People are spending less time in front of their computers at this time of year, and there is less likelihood of novice bidders jacking the price. Recently I have seen some nice ones go for half the price they do in the fall and winter months!

    Of course, for truly hard-to-find razors and those in ultra-mint or NOS condition, prices will still be up there . . . but still worth browsing for the elusive double ring!
  19. Actually, that plating looks pretty choice for a Gold Tone. If you had a crummy Gold Tone in a nice box it might pay off.
  20. Remember, too, that the gold wash on the NEW razors was very thin, and did not have a nickel underplate. Most of them have not survived with most of their original plating intact, as this one seems to be. With that in mind, we would expect this example to sell for a higher than average price, but $50 does seem a little high. If it were not for two novice bidders (plus another that should have known better) running the price up, I'm sure it would have sold for much less. Bidders 1 and 2 played leapfrog until Bidder 1 hit his max, $30. Then numbers 2 and 3 duked it out until #3 prevailed.

    It's really not the prices that are crazy, just the players and the process!

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