cowboy boots.....yes or no?

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  1. I used to wear cowboy boots back in the day when I "worked" for a living but J&Ms and AEs have since taken the place. However I find myself yearning for another pair and I'm wondering what everyones take is on them. I'm not talking "Dog the Bounty Hunter snakeskins" but something a little more conservative.
  2. of course, they're always acceptable down here :cowboy:
  3. You're just saying that cause of the state!!:wink2:
  4. well, there is that...

    But i've got a hankerin for another pair myself :biggrin:
  5. Good, I'm glad to know it's not just me! I really want a pair of the cayman Tony Lama's but my wife would have a fit if I spent $500 on a pair of boots that she hates!!
  6. Heck, i'd be fine with a $100 pair of justin's :lol:
  7. Oh don't worry.......I'll be doing good to get those!
  8. I have a hankerin' for some conservative square toe cowboy boots that i can wear with jeans. Haven't seen what I'm looking for though. Maybe something like this. Ariat Rambler
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  9. You know I've noticed that a lot of companys are coming out with square toe boots rather that the "roach stompers" that I'm accustomed to. I like them.....if you get a pair let me know how they are. I love boots because the heel really seems to make my sore back feel better.
  10. Yes... boots rock :001_smile
  11. boots seem to be pretty common place around these parts. Ariat boots are reasonable. I have a pair similar to the picture above and they are comfortable enough. Took awhile to break in, I have a high in-step. Once they were broken in though, just as comfortable as tennis shoes for me. I don't work in these, just casual wear when I don't feel like lacing up shoes.

    Like some other shoes on the market Ariat has some special insoles, or torsion control, whatever tech-in-a-boot feature in their boots. Some make like that, some don't care for it. Kinda like getting a pair of Cole Haan shoes after Nike got ahold of them versus some of their older styles with just plain ol' wood and leather soles.

    I paid under $100 for them. So for what I paid for, they are a nice boot. They aren't Lucchese by any means, but might satisfy your momentary desire for boots.
  12. Why not? I used to have a good pair of Tony Lamas... until the ex snaked them. She didn't lift any of my other shoes, though.

    Cowboy boots are uniquely American - there's no shame in enjoying them. I really should pick up another pair one of these days.
  13. Is that all I'm worth is $100. Well damn lol

  14. Well, technically i said PAIR, so you're only worth $50 alone :lol::lol::lol:
  15. Austin

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    I still wear them when I'm not meeting with clients. I find boots comfortable.
  16. I wear steel toe, steel plate hi top work boots (Red Wings) everywhere I go, even if I'm running or biking. Even if I'm wearing shorts. People either look at me like there's something wrong with me, or they're envious that I have the guts to wear them.

    I do have a really nice, rather expensive pair of cowboy boots that I picked up when visiting Texas 20 years ago (!)
    I bought them because we made a trip to a bootery, and everyone else was buying them. They are the most comfortable anything I've ever put on my feet. I wear them if I have to dress up. Round here, this is not normal. No one ever seems to notice though. I even wore them to my wedding. I'd probably wear them a lot more except I don't want to wear them out. If I had to buy another pair I'd probably want to go all the way to Texas to get them. And then, I might not come back.

    Does anyone else call them s---kickers? I wonder what part of the country this term comes from. I'm not sure anyone else around these parts knows what that term means, and I don't know where I picked it up.
  17. I like them as well as country music but never saw anyone who looked comfortable in them. Maybe I'm wrong though.
  18. Once they are worn for a while and broken in , they are extrmely comfortable. I wear mine just about every day.
  19. I love Red Wings. I used to wear Walmart steel toe boots, Wolverines, Dickies, CAT, etc. Always hated them too but I had to wear them for work. Until I bought Red Wings. My feet are smooth were once there calluses and my feet don't get tired like they used to either.

  20. I don't own any, not really my style. Around here in Texas though, you can wear them with pretty much anything... other than shorts, I guess.

    I know plenty of guys that wear cowboy boots with a suit and look perfectly normal.

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