cotis, ambrose strop, nice starter straight, and movado watch

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  1. Hey Gang,
    In the process of moving back to Chicago from Oklahoma and am looking to lighten my load a little.

    Ambrose Caballo Negro: Leather is 2.5"x24", drum dyed and is nice and soft. Has a quick draw. Includes linen component. Has a few very small nicks in it that were sanded out, does everything a strop is supposed to do. Paid $70 on the BST, selling for $45 shipped CONUS.

    2 Coticules and slurry stone:
    Full disclosure, dude who i bought these from shipped them poorly and some damage was done to the smaller green one. I spent a lot of time (and lost some skin) with CA and repaired all the damage as i can tell from my view/razor. I don't know anything about the layer or anything like that. The yellow coti is slate backed 6" long 1 5/8" wide. It has a hairline crack on one end that is not perceptible with fingernail, knife, etc and certainly does not effect honing. The green one is 6" long and 1 4/8" wide with a BBW back it had two long cracks (almost looked like inclusions). One i repaired with CA, the other was so minor I didn't, but you could if you want. I have only used these to refresh and they both did the job. the yellow one is med/fast on slurry, med/slow on water, the green one is slow on slurry slow on water. Please see the pictures as I tried to take as many and include as much detail as possible. I paid a lot more for these than i am asking and the only reason i am selling is that i got a good deal on a larger one. $75 shipped CONUS for all three stones. they will be well packaged ;) SOLD

    George Ibberson Sheffield Straight: 6/8, round point, hollow ground, bottom and top jimps, some tarnish on the blade, but it's in really good shape overall, nice vintage Sheffield steel (sorry for the crap pictures!). Blade reads: "Firth's Treble Extra Case Steel" Makers mark is there, but worn a little. Scales are maple. I think this would be a great starter straight and am pricing it as such $50 shave ready and shipped CONUS SOLD

    Movado Juro - Swiss Quartz Watch (84 G2 1899): funny story with this...there was a very sweet girl I dated for a short period of time that bought me this for my birthday. She didn't notice that I NEVER wear watches rings or anything of the like...or that I worked in non-profit and never had an occasion for as nice a watch as this, so it sat in my closet for a couple years. It's brand new, never been the case, in the box, with the original documentation. Still running, but might need a battery in the next year or two. I think they normally go for $300-$400 new? I was just going to throw it on the bay but I figured if any of the upscale gentlemen here would want something like this first. $150 shipped CONUS. SOLD

    $all.jpg $coti side.jpg $GI back.jpg $gi front.jpg $GI Grind.jpg

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  2. Movado and More Coti Pics

    $coti bbw.jpg $coti green close.jpg $coti over.jpg $coti yellow hairline.jpg $movado.jpg
  3. That is an amazing deal for the watch! I was planning on getting a nice watch and MdC if I get the job at my upcoming job interview next week. If you still have it, which I doubt, I'll send you a pm.
  4. PM on watch
  5. I just sent a PM on the watch to. I wonder who won?
  6. PhiGam, you beat me! haha Enjoy the watch
  7. Someone just gave away a Movado watch on our BST.
  8. I'm glad I didn't debate for one more minute!

    My SWMBO was watching over my shoulder, and I had to struggle to decide if my desire for a Movado for the last 25 years is enough to overcome the wrath I might surely face....

  9. HA! so mayyybe there is still a little guilt that she bought me this nice watch and i have never worn it...and now i'm selling it...
  10. LOL - BubblesAssassin get in touch with PhiGam. You may end up with the watch after all :lol:
  11. :a13: lol!
  12. Foreshadowing.....
    very nice, if I am not already afraid of her adding up my 'acquisitions'....

  13. Great price on the Movado! I have the same watch that I received as a gift. I don't have many occasions to wear it but when I do, I always get lots of compliments. The buyer will surely enjoy it.
  14. Sure. I step away from my computer to Hobert one razor and miss the coticule deal. Nice sale.
  15. If you don't wear it, it isn't worth anything in my world :)

  16. Wow some fantastic deals, the new owner of the watch should surely be thrilled.
  17. That's Funny about the watch CAUSE ... A past girlfriend of mine bought me a Movado watch for Christmas one year ... a dark blue mother of pearl faced Museum I believe ... Still have it in a box in the drawer ... I never wear it because of the kind of work that I do ... no jewelry.

    Ryan ... her name wasn't Marcy by chance ...was it? ... lol
  18. PM sent on the straight
  19. Good choice. 6/8" Sheffield steel, maple scales - nice! I had the PM all ready to send last night but then had second thoughts. I believe you got a nice blade sir!
  20. I believe I do at that. It will be my first straight, so I'm happy about the choice.

    Now, I just need to sign up for Fitjar Soap's straight-shaving course. I'll be shaving with it before then, though.

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