Corn Cob Pipe with 'Forever Stem'

Discussion in 'The Brown Leaf' started by Senetsomed, Apr 18, 2012.

  1. I can't not believe what I was missing, I tried my pipe yesterday (a General) with SG Chocolat Flake and today with Frog Norton, results: Delicious!

    Kudos to Walker Briar Works!
  2. I need to get one. I've been putting it off too long.
  3. So did I sir, so did I...

    ... so one day I grew some cojones and I finally told SWMBO that it was a $30.00 Corn Cob with the FS or a $300.00 + new L' the end, I secretly ordered the CC to my office, it's a miracle I still alive.
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  5. Tell you what, tomorrow morning I will take some.
  6. Please do, I'm intrigued!
  7. I took a quick picture with phone, I hope you can appreciate the stem quality .

  8. I've been pleased with my dealings with Walker.
  9. Looks nice. I have been putting off getting one (or 2 :shifty:) for my cobs for awhile. I'm sure that wider bit feels more natural between the teeth. Did it seem to add any weight?

  10. Probably, however it's the most balanced CC of my collection.
  11. Saw someplace else that this weekend Walkers is shipping all their order from Saturday and Sunday for $.01 if this is true I'll be placing an order for certain.

  12. Yup, it is true, I received their newsletter stating just the same, I'll be ordering a nose warmer for the strolls around the park this time of the year.
  13. Which model will you be picking up? I love my MM cob and I've been eyeing these beauties for a while. I really like the Washington and the General...Guess I'll have to buy both!
  14. I am just going to be getting one or two of the stems, I already have quite a few cobs.
  15. Well dang if I hadn't just bought one pipe & have a second pending payment then I would jump on this. :a36:

    ....Okay, I'l be honest: I just bought one pipe & have a second pending payment but I would TOTALLY jump on this if I thought SWMBO wouldn't hurt me.

  16. Great to know about the shipping. Looks like I'll be buying my first cob pipe this weekend! Anyone have any suggestions or is it mostly just one of those things where you buy what you like?
  17. IMO, just buy what you like. Either way, corn cobs don't cost much. Do you have a CVS drug store? That is where I picked up my Missouri Meerschaum
  18. I vote for Dane Spool with a stem anywhere from 2 5/8" to 3 1/2 is my vote. Personally bent preferred ;~)
  19. Good information to know, thanks! After reviewing their pipes I came across another question. Is there any difference in a banded vs non-banded MM cob pipe or is it just cosmetics preference?
  20. No there is no difference. Walkers takes standard Missouri Meerschaum cobs and adds their own stems, and puts the bands on some of them.

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