Coping with Discovering Wet Shaving: The Stages

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  1. There are supposed to be five stages for dealing with traumatic loss. There are twelve steps to sobriety in AA.

    What are the stages a new wet shaver goes through?

    My own journey has gone like this:

    1. Dissatisfaction. There was something not right with the way I was shaving. Too expensive, too robotic. Those five soulless cartridge blades and can of foam have robbed me of...something. There must be a better way.
    2. Curiosity. I wondered, is shaving with a DE razor so difficult? Why did they disappear? Could I do this? Do they even make blades for those antiques anymore? Is DE shaving what made the Golden Age of Hollywood Golden? What would Gary Cooper do?
    3. Research. The Internet is a wonderful thing; no matter how strange you are, there are more whackjobs out there like you! I discovered a wealth of good information and goodwill here on B&B.
    4. Fear. Will I cut myself? What if I'm too much of a klutz? Will my wife have me committed? What if I buy the wrong stuff? Why do you need a styptic pencil, anyway? Will it sting? Will I have little bits of toilet paper all over my face when I go to work? Will this make me officially old and eccentric?
    5. Discovery. Hey, that wasn't too bad, in fact it was fun! The shave was really good, and the satisfaction...Lather doesn't have to make a sound like the dentist sucking the saliva out of my mouth with a reverse Waterpic when it's created, and it feels great! Badger hair? How cool is that! Why haven't I been doing this all along? Why didn't anyone tell me?
    6. Obsession. These shaves are great! Almost perfect! What would it take to get to perfect? There must be some insight from the fifty pound Razorbrains on B&B that will improve my prep/technique/post shave/philosophy of life! I must know every variation of razor, aftershave and blade by heart! Hey, what's this Cologne forum? What's SOTD? I need to know everything! I demand BBS shaves, and by force of will and improved technique and methods, I can get there! Wait, maybe it's something I need to get...
    7. Acquisition Disorder. Maybe true shaving happiness comes in a tube, or a a cake, or a pack of different blades? Maybe it's my brand of Witch Hazel that's holding me back? Maybe if I had a different razor for each day of the week...maybe each day of the month...Look at this BST forum! Hot damn! They make blades in Nigeria? Gotta find out if they are any good. There's how many different types of soap? One of each would be perfect! There's more than one Bay Rum? Must have...
    8. Proselytizing. I gotta let my friends an relatives know how great this is! I can save them from their blind, cartridge worshiping dreary lives! Wait, why are they laughing at me? Fools! You don't understand!
    9. Serenity. I have become one with my shave. The gear I have is merely a collection of tools that I own, my gear does not own me. Not everyone understands my need to shave, but I'm OK with that. I merely wait, the whiskers return, and I meld technique, tools and mind to find that zone where BBS isn't a goal, but it visits me when the shaving stars align. It's a beautiful thing.

    Well, I haven't really got to that last stage, and I'm stuck in more than one of the earlier stages.

    Is it always like this?
  2. i am definitely in the 7th step of my journey...and mine went pretty much like that except I was dissatisfied with my electric shaver, went to check out tips for using a blade (cartridge razor) razor and discovered mantics vids...then I briefly used the cartridge razors whilst researching DEs and now I've progressed to step 7 and climbing...
  3. I've certainly experienced steps 6-8, looking forward to step 9, ahh the promised land :lol:
  4. During the 10th stage the planets align and you ascend to a heavenly plane known only as Shave Nirvana.
  5. Maybe step 10 is when you start thinking: I wonder how it is to shave with a straight...
  6. I think I'm stuck on 8. :redface:

  7. Somewhere between #1 and #3 was Surprise. I found out about double edge razors I had looked into straight razors a couple times but they always seamed like to much work. On a different forum I frequent someone mentioned buying a DE to try. My inquisitive mind went into overdrive and I spent every available second researching this strange razor. How did I not know these existed? Yes I was born in 1983, but that's not an excuse people used these things for decades why isn't this public knowledge? Now that I know about this what else is out there that I need to know about.
  8. pal


    me too!
  9. I'm at 9 now. My shaves are very consistent and I get great shaves on a daily basis now. I also do no longer feel the need to buy more stuff. I have found my shaving peace so to speak and I am very happy with my daily shaves. Getting to 9 took me almost a year though and cost me a lot $ :biggrin:
  10. I was born in 79 and a year ago I genuinely thought the safety razor was one that came with a cartridge. Given the cartridges and disposables came out in the mid 60s to 70s, how would anyone who learned to shave after 1980 or so know any different? Gillette did a pretty good job marketing their new stuff.

    Still, since using a DE I have yet to go back to my old Mach3 vibration power thing and I've almost made it a year. Don't miss it either!
  11. This is dead on! I was born in 78 and had seen my grandpa's DE and boar brush. I used the brush once when staying over because I forgot shaving cream and he used an electric razor. About 7 years ago, give or take, I bought a boar brush, mug, and soap at Walmart and have used that ever since. I now know I was doing it all wrong, but enjoyed it none-the-less. I had particularly bad razor damage to the face nearly a month ago, which led to finding this site. I am somewhere between 6 and 8. I feel the AD's coming on and want to start converting my family. Somehow it helps when someone lays the pattern out for you. Step 9 is out there and I can reach it. There is light at the end of the tunnel and... Is that a new soap to try?......
  12. I compromise. DE shave every day, except when I have the time to devout to a str8. Am looking forward to buying my 3rd str8.
  13. :biggrin:

    Or John Wayne, or JFK, or.....
  14. 10. Jump back 4 steps.:lol:
  15. I am definitely in stage 8. I have a coworker considering wet shaving and my dad also. Hi anniversary is coming up and I plan on buying him a starter kit. He has a razor ut no blades or anything else for that matter. :devil:
  16. I skipped 8 and went right to 9.

    No point in telling everyone how great shaving is, more demand = higher cost!

    Sort of like not sharing your favorite fishing spot. :sneaky2:
  17. 1LT


    8 months in this process and at stage 6. Everytime I shave it's a challenge to do better than I did the day before.
  18. I may have finally reached stage 9. :cool:
  19. Congrats! :thumbup:

    I'm in stage nine, but I revisit the other stages for entertainment purposes only. Honest. I don't need them. Really.
  20. I am not sure I will ever really get away from stage 8, but I am more selective. :001_cool:

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