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Discussion in 'The Cafe'' started by Jim, Jul 8, 2012.

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    ohhh, "coffee" brewers.

    Is that America's Test Kitchen? I love that show.

  3. I've found ATK a little hit-n-miss when it comes to coffee, but this sounds spot on. I would have liked a little more thorough explanation of the design differences between a Technivorm and the others, but ultimately, I think she came down about the right place in the end.
  4. I just got the technivorn coffee maker and it is 100x better than the Mr Coffee I used to have.

    I am waiting for the baratza preciso grinder to arrive.
  5. Problem is that this review is a couple years old and the choice of available brewers has changed. TV is good, but others like the Bonavita are just as good for brewing coffee.
  6. I've tried a few but the best I've had so far is the, Technivorm. Not the cheapest but ...
  7. TV is good but there are other brands available that make coffee as good. I tried a Melitta BCM-4, TV MoccaMaster, and Bonavita BV1800 side by side by side. TV and Bonavita make a similar/same quality cup while the BCM-4 brought up the rear even though the cup was acceptable by any standard. The Melitta Clarity, which should be available in your country under the name King of Coffee will make a very good cup of coffee too.

    All these brewers I mentioned isolate the tube bringing hot water to the shower head from the cold water in the tank. This keeps brewing temps high and eases the heating element's job so the brewing goes faster. Proper contact time and temp are the basic components to brewing good coffee.

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