Contest: ID this vintage pen -- win free ink!

Discussion in 'The Nib' started by nemo, Apr 30, 2012.

  1. nemo

    nemo Moderator Emeritus

    First person to get this button filler identification correct (or remotely close) will win a bottle of vintage Penit Royal Blue ink shipped to their CONUS address.


    With the ink you will get

    Capped unit

    It's a little longer than a streamline Parker Duofold Jr
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  2. brianw

    brianw Moderator Emeritus

    Waiving hand in back of room ????
  3. nemo

    nemo Moderator Emeritus

    Just waiting ... you are fast though! :a18:
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  4. Penol?
  5. nemo

    nemo Moderator Emeritus


    Good try, but no.
  6. Any rules or restrictions? (i.e. can I use google?)

  7. Looks like a Ripet. Kind of like a Ripet Popular, but still several distinct differences. However, the button design does look very similar to Ripet, so maybe it is just a different model?

  8. Going to guess National "Controller"
  9. Mike H

    Mike H Moderator Emeritus

  10. Technically, that's a Penol... I hope that's not the right answer!
  11. maxman

    maxman Moderator Emeritus

    I thought a Penol was a Benco not the other way around.

    I will guess.....Kosca.
  12. a vintage Delta?
  13. nemo

    nemo Moderator Emeritus

    Lots of great answers showing me that members are really doing their homework!
    First clue: Delta, Kosca, Penol, Benco, Ripet are all from the correct continent.
  14. Let me try again with at least the right continent.
    How about Goldfink?
  15. How about a Conway Stewart?
  16. Mike H

    Mike H Moderator Emeritus

  17. Minerva
    No, wait - Soennecken
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  18. nemo

    nemo Moderator Emeritus

    No and no.

    Second hint: Soennecken, we're in the right country
  19. Is it a TROPEN?
  20. maxman

    maxman Moderator Emeritus

    Globus? but the clip doesn't look like others i've seen.

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