Complete Wet Shaving Kit Give Away !!!

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  1. Gentlemen ,

    I have decided to do another chat room give away this one will be held this Friday the 6th of June.

    The kit will contain

    FAT BOY date code G-1
    pretty good condition works flawlessly . it will be shined up and cleaned up ready for use for it s new owner.

    1 tube of Mugso cream used once
    1 $10 synthetic body shop brush that has never been used
    a few packs of DE blades
    1 Truefitt & Hill pre-shave oil 60 ml 2oz about 90% full

    and a couple of extras that I have not yet decided on

    I will take pictures of the set after work and post them here so you can see what you are getting .

    The contest is open to all members of B&B new and old .

    I will have more details about the contest when I get back from work and I post the pictures (in other words I have not thought of how I will decide who wins the contest)

  2. cool kit. at what time(zone)

  3. woops good question I forgot to add that the time will be at 9pm EDT
  4. Very cool and generous idea! I would love to participate but unfortunately I have to attend a friend's graduation party :(
  5. Who cares about friend's graduation party when you have the opportunity to win a cool shaving kit to add to your collection?
  6. I know the sad thing is that I was trying to plan in my head how I could be online around 6pm, an then return back hah.

    I need to go though because it's one of my best friends and she finally finished after 7-8 years in college.
  7. Oh, if it's a girl, you're excused. Girls, should always be top priority for gents, IMO. Of course, the best would be to accommodate both:w00t:
  8. dpm802

    dpm802 Contributor

    sounds like fun ... I'll try to be there.

    I already have a Fatboy, so if I win, I'll PIF it to a friend of mine who seems vaguely interested in wet-shaving, along with a fresh VDH brush and soap. The other products I'd like to try for myself ... especially the Musgo Real.

    BTW, you said the chat was 9pm EST ... don't you mean EDT?
  9. I was going to ask the same thing. I'm kind of confused, but EDT is summer and EST is winter?
  10. I may try to get in on this. Just recently converted my brother (in college) to DE shaving when he came home for the sumer. It'd be real nice for him to have his own stuff to use :glare:. He wasn't planning on ordering anything until the end of the month when he gets birthday money.
  11. June 6th. That just happens to be my Birthday.................
  12. I guess that puts it at about 11 am Saturday morning for me. I've already got plans for that day. Nnnnoooooooooo!
  13. I will do my best to be there
  14. Where are your priorities??:001_smile
  15. whoah. that's a giveaway alright.

    I'm going to try to be there (insert reason here about why I'm deserving beyond the obvious RAD issue).
  16. Extremely generous and a very gentlemanna thing to do! Good luck to whoever wins!
  17. Well, I figure this thread is as good as any to make my first post at B&B. I've been lurking for about a week and wet shaving for only 10 days after buying a Merkur HD and Vulfix 1000A badger brush. In the past 3 days I've purchased a classic Super Speed, polish, and Barbicide from eBay to clean it up and use it as well. I've also purchased razor sampler packs, a razor/brush holder, shave bowl, and 2 types of shave soap. How did all this happen? I've only known about wet shaving for 2 weeks and I already want to experience every soap, cream, and razor out there!

    Actually, my first experience with wet shaving was 21 years ago at the age of 8 using my Dad's boar bristle brush to lather up and an old plastic safety razor that he had carefully removed the blade from so I wouldn't hurt myself. I think what I love about wet shaving with a DE razor is mainly 2 things. The smell of the shave soap reminds me of my father and I love the overall experience of shaving the "classic" way with a solid piece of steel in my hand.
  18. ok guys here are the pics I know a day late . but what can I say I have been busy .:wink:

    The DE blades are not in the picture I dont think any one needs to see what they look like




    Hope to see you all there
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  19. 3pm HST

    I'm there:biggrin:
  20. A contest sounds like a neat idea. Thanks for sharing.

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