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    This is just a little teaser. Lee Cantor (Lee's Safety Razors) and I are collaborating on a new razor design tentatively called the HuntLee razor. I do not want to divulge much information at this point but will give a few tidbits. The razor will be fully machined in California, most likely from stainless steel, by a gentleman who designs robotics for Hollywood movie sets. It will be different from anything currently on the market. Beyond lips are sealed. :001_cool:

    The project is still in its infancy and we will provide updates as things progress. Stay tuned.
  2. Oh god, please let it be a slant...
  3. Interested :thumbup:

    AABCDS Contributor

    Good luck on your endeavor, Phil.
  5. No way man... Drawings... pics of prototypes.... pics of it in the hands of smiling shavers...

    I want to SEE IT ALL :001_smile
  6. BullGoose

    BullGoose Vendor isn't a slant and it will not take DE blades. :biggrin1:
  7. jazzguy

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    Perhaps the Cobra killer?

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  9. This just got real interesting...
  10. iwishiwishiwishiwsh for a modern take on an SE
  11. AABCDS

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    That would be cool too.
  12. A sharpenable single edge razor like the Rolls Razor, but not as ugly?
  13. Put me on your waiting list! I know I want this razor!
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  14. OK, thanks for the warning. Now I'll have to go buy a piggy bank.
  15. Does it have anything to do with ceramic?
  16. an old stylee injector perhaps???
  17. Thanks for the heads up Phil
  18. New single edge!
  19. How much longer do we have to wait???

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