Comb vs Military Style Brush?

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  1. Is it just a personal preference to pick one over the other or are there pros/cons of each? I'm thinking about picking a Kent comb or a military style brush.

    There are so many combs by Kent though that it seems hard to decide which to pick. Are there guidelines as to which of them suit certain types of hair etc.?

    If I go with the brush it can't be boar. Are there other bristles out there? Are they as good?

    If it helps, I have short to medium hair that is a bit thin and I have an Ivy League hairstyle.
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    I have a Kent 2T comb and an MG2 brush and I like them both. The comb is long and it has both coarse and fine teeth so it should work for any hair. I have thick wavy hair. Styling damp hair right out the shower I get great results with either the comb or the brush. Dry hair or later in the day the brush is the only thing that works. The Kent brushes as far as I know are all natural bristle, which I assume means boar but I don't know for sure. Are you allergic to boar or just keeping kosher?
  3. Well I'm Muslim and even though to the best of my knowledge it isn't forbidden to use boar bristles, I don't think I would feel comfortable using it.

    So I think it comes to a synthetic military style brush vs a Kent comb. What teeth are preferable for medium length thin hair?
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  4. I started using a military brush a few years ago. I just picked one up at the local beauty supply (I think the brand was Diane?) and it is synthetic; it was only around $8 if I remember correctly. The brush is very stiff and it took me a little while to get used to how much it prickled my scalp--same as when I started using one of those plastic scalp brushes in the shower. It actually made me sneeze a few times when I brushed my hair. :)
    Anyway, I love it. My hair is fairly short and not particularly thick--I comb my hair back and like it because it really helps control my hair due to the thickness/stiffness of the brush. A comb is too thin to really help control my hair very much unless it's really wet.
  5. I think I might check Sally's Beauty Supply this week. They might have a synthetic brush. I don't think there would be much disadvantage of it as compared to a boar brush.
  6. Okay so I picked up a Kent 5t 175mm comb from westcoastshaving and just used it for the first time today. This is definitely a high quality comb!!! Well worth the money for sure. Feels great on the hair and scalp. MUCH different than the feel of a comb from Wal-Mart.
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    I use my grandfather's military style brush it suits me better than combs as my hair is thinning. If I use a comb with any sort of hair gel or cream it makes my hair clump together in thick strands which really draws attention to the fact that my hair is thinner on top, but the brush styles my hair while getting it to spread out in a neat natural look.

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