Code red: Walmart has reached critical mass

Discussion in 'Safety Razor Blades' started by Telecaster52, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. Breaking news:
    The Walmart wilkinsons have changed packaging, it seems as though they used up all of the old-stock schick stamped-metal dispensers and are now using the rounded black plastic cases with individually wrapped blades. There is a possibility that these are now the same blades and same packaging that is available through most online vendors. Testing will commence when I return from Walmart sometime this weekend. :001_rolle

    That is all for now, more at 11
  2. It was a pleasure to see the old Shick dispensers again :) Probably been sitting in a warehouse since 2005.

    I will also try some of the new packaging when I am back in WM.
  3. Wow, is Walmart some sort of black hole that sucks you in, and shoots you out on some random, as yet to be determined, day? :laugh::lol:
  4. There went my only motivation to try those blades. Green or not, I dislike blade wrappers.
  5. no, more like that Lifetime movie about the walmart baby
  6. Tried them, they are the same blades. I was bummed to see the old dispensers go. I had bought every old one they had, which happened to be only 5 :bored:
  7. Keep us posted and let us know what you find. Would you be able to post pics? I have not tried the Schick variety of the Wilkinsons and now they are changing them again.
  8. Picked up fifty of em today :thumbup1:

    Haven't tried them yet but they are fancier than the ones in the Shick dispenser and have the Wilikinson logo and the sword on the blades rather than just plain unmarked blades.
  9. Then what pray tell do you use? I thought almost ALL blades these days were in wrappers, Feather, Derby, IP's just to name a few.
  10. Yes, almost all of them are wrapped now. So I do buy and use blades in wrappers: in fact my most recent buy was 100 Lords from razorbladesandmore. But the point was that I would have to make a special trip to a walmart to buy the WW blades, and the old-style blade holders were my only motivation to do that.

    Until recently the NOS Gillette Bleue Extra blades were an option, and I have a small stockpile of those. The new crystal blade holder also looks promising (I can't seem to find a good picture online, but I believe WCS has switched to them for new sampler packs). Or there is always the Personna store-brand pack. Normally I wouldn't consider it, but at $1.99 with free shipping it's a little more attractive.
  11. I don't know if it's that the word gets around or the DE crowd is getting larger everyday but I just got back from two WM, one had 1 pack and the other had three I was just in them the other day and both had a full racks of these.
  12. I plan on going to Walmart this morning when I get off work. I will look for these blades as i'm interested in giving them a shot.
  13. I tried two of the "new, black box" Walmart Wilkinsons for the last few shaves. Both blades were pretty rough. Upon unwrapping them, the blades were not "clean." I don't mean they were dirty, but they didn't look very nice. Stains on the blades I guess.

    I've tried one of the metal dispenser pack Wilkinsons a while ago. I will be trying one of these again today to compare.
  14. im going to have my 2nd shave with one today and yeah the first shave was rough. if todays shave isnt any better they will be used in my shavette for trimming.

  15. This was how my first shave went. I tried the Wilks again for a second shave. The performance was even worse. I guess my face wasn't meant for this blade. The Wally World in my area is also carrying the new packaging.
  16. As usual, I should have checked in on B&B first. Just got back from WM with a pack of Wilks in the new packaging. Now a little hesitant to even load one up! lol

    Ah well, you never know unless you try, right? Might be perfect for my face, though that possibility seems remote!
  17. I checked the Walmart in Coconut Creek, FL today. No dice. But i've got 250 Personna Super's coming so I should be good for awhile.
  18. Even checking its still YMMV!
    I myself happen to dig the German WM Wilks:thumbup1: Great results from them so far.
  19. Kentos

    Kentos Moderator Emeritus

    Yup those have been "donated" to arm pit duty...:thumbdown
  20. I tried them this morning. I've got to say, I was disappointed to see the spots of discoloration on the blade when I opened it. Still, I went with it.

    I've never experienced this before, but for the first several strokes, there was significant tugging. It actually got better after the initial 5 or 6 strokes though. In the end, I did a WTG and XTG, deciding to forgo the ATG just based on the initial problems. Irritation free, not a bad shave, but nothing to get excited about. Not likely to become my go-to blade, but they'll do in a pinch.

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