Coconut oil?

Discussion in 'Skin, Body & Hair Care' started by neilz4, Jul 4, 2012.

  1. Would an organic extra virgin coconut oil be alright to use as a pre-shave oil, or even an aftershave moisturizer?
  2. I use it in conjunction with Witch Hazel as part of my normal after shave routine.

    I use just a wee bit of it, rubbing it into the skin --and I find it to be quite good for
    the skin. It provides me with a fine degree of moisturizing. I have normal-to-dry skin.

    I have never tried it as a pre-shave, but then I avoid pre-shaves to begin with.

    I used to use a lot of coconut oil in cooking too. I am very fond of the stuff. :)
  3. I should specify the order:

    1st: Witch Hazel applied liberally

    2nd: small amount of Coconut Oil rubbed into freshly shaven face.
  4. Thanks, rebos! I'm gonna have to try that. I also cook with it pretty often (at least half of the stuff I cook that can be cooked at low temp). Honestly, even eating it straight up isn't too bad, either. I have had wonderful results on my skin elsewhere (from drying due to climate) so I was curious about using it for shaving.
  5. Cook with it, eat it, rub it on my body, I have even shaved with it. Great for burns, itches, bites....
  6. i used the MdC coconut AS oil today, it's lemon scented.

    finished an MdC face lather shave, then cold rinse, GFT Lime Skin food on wet face, once dry, i applied a small amount of the MdC Coconut oil and love it.

    it works every time. i find it's a little greasy/oily going one, but absorbs quickly and leaves my face feeling great.

    once my MdC oil runs out, i'll be trying a DIY version
  7. A lot of the pre-shave products have coconut oil in them (RazoRock does for sure....I own and use it daily and love it). How it would work on it's own...I don't know. Worth a try if you're really interested.

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