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  1. While this tour has not garnered the same interest as texbilly's four-razor JORIS extravaganza - I should have known his generosity would top his Feather tour - tomorrow I will be kicking off the Cobra Classic Tour for those of you that expressed interest. As the inspiration for the tour texbilly will be the first recipient. The itinerary is as follows:

    Big W

    Since texbilly's DEs have spent many a season on the road, I hope he will not mind if I adopt his rulz as the guideline for this tour...though as Bill suggested it is really about keeping it gentlemanly. As the current rotation is rather short I would invite members to keep the razor for a full week before passing it on to the next member. As noted in the photos below I will be including the proprietary Feather Professional blades. In my experience these blades can sometimes last in upwards of 10 shaves so each member will likely only need a single blade, but use as you deem necessary. Finally, I would invite other members that are interested to contact me, and I will try to fit you into the rotation.


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  2. Nice Michael.
    I would like to add that palmstropping adds life to these blades, so if you give it a few swipes before and after your shaves with this razor the blades will last that much longer.
  3. Thanks, Bong. I am a bit embarrassed to admit I have never done this! :blushing: Maybe I could have gotten 20 shaves out of those "old" blades.
  4. Awesome!! This is going to be a fun adventure!! :drool::drool:
  5. interesting. i haven't tried this either... i'll give that a go soon.
  6. Sullybob

    Sullybob Contributor

    This is great, I have wanted to try a Cobra for a while now. PM inbound.
  7. I would like to try as well...PM sent, thanks
  8. Names have been added, and the package has shipped. With any luck Bill will be able to shave with it this weekend.
  9. Who makes this razor, I can tell you it scares the heck out of me.
  10. I think some guy custom makes them. I have only seen them for sale at classic shaving, so they probably have some sort of agreement.
  11. Michael, I can't wait!! As much as I love my DEs, I've been hankering to try something new and of course have been tempted for a long time while hearing you sing the Cobra's praises. Thanks so much for honoring me with the pole position! :thumbup:
  12. I wish I would have seen the sign up thread.
  13. PM sent!!
  14. Is it too late to get in on this?

    I have been eyeing this baby off and on for a long time.
  15. This is awesome!!! Good, new shaves coming my way!
  16. OH, I just missed it. i would have loved to have gotten a chance to try the Cobra! Is it too late?
  17. Well, here is a bit of unforeseen good news, but given its source it really comes as no surprise.
    Bong has decided to add his Cobra Classic to the passaround - presuming he can find it - so those on the list can try the razor sooner. :badger:

    The group will be split in two, and will consist of the following. The lists also represent a slightly revised itinerary.

    Box 1 From Michael

    Big W

    Box 2 From Bong

    Reserve List

    Thanks again for everyone's interest, and thanks to Bong for his generosity!
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  18. Add me to the reserve list if possible, I spaced and forgot to reply to your pm!
  19. Nicely done, Bong and Michael! You probably already figured it out but I can possibly hand the package to Shawn (sullybob) in person to cut down a day or two. Awesome tour! :thumbup1:
  20. That's what we were thinking when we broke up the tour!!!! OK off to go find a cobra hiding in my bathroom.

    EDIT: found
    Everyone on my list please PM me with your addresses
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