Cobra classic razor.

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  1. NOTE: I am not trying to buy or fish for this razor outside of the BST forum just venting.

    I almost had one last weekend but the guy flaked on me $250 just one city over from me probably a scam. I have tried everything imaginable to get my hands on one, BST, Ebay, Amazon and the one and only vendor with zero luck. This is the first razor I want but cannot get. Is this razor really as good as legend has it? DOes this razor shave any better than a high end DE like a Pils, Feather, Tradere etc?
  2. Hello

    Got an email from a vendor today. The Cobra should be in stock in a couple of weeks.
  3. I got the same Email. Are you on a wait list or did you do like me and ask? Luckily their storefront is only 80 miles from my front door so when it is time I am going to have one my guys run over and grab a few.
  4. I'm on the wait list, but it is first come first served.

    The vendor is located in the UK.
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    It's good, but I don't know if it's $250-maybe-you-get-it-maybe-you-don't good. That's $100 over retail, at least when I bought mine.

    Be patient -- one is bound to turn up sooner or later. Good luck.
  6. It's really good, wen I bought it I paid more then $250 (price of the razor + more then $110 customs taxes and fine). I have recently traded it for some other razor not because I didn't like it but I prefer to use my Feather and kai razors that work with the same blades. They come on BST once in a while here and on other shave forums, I find a a very easy razor even for beginners.
  7. They're very good, but I was happy to let mine go because I can get equally good shaves with $15 Schick Injector razors so it was an easy decision.
  8. After looking out for one on BST for a long time, I got lucky some time back. Like you, I was intrigued about the legendary status and wanted to try it. Loved the close and effective shaves but was put down by two factors - expensive blades and uncomfortable handle. Sold mine on BST just a few days back!
    Good Luck.
  9. Thaks to all I will see if I can get on the wait list and hopefully get one from the next batch. Pretty smart of the manufacturer to keep the supply at a medium low level to keep us razor fans hungry.
  10. tm3


    any particular schick, or all of them in general?
  11. I have a good # of razors, and some of them are great. But the Cobra is all I use now. It gives me consistently close, smooth shaves. Those Feather Pro blades are killer.

    IMO, it's worth the wait. Good luck!
  12. IMO,yes.
    For some reason I have yet to determine, I prefer the OC Tradere (a little), but the Cobra is the best performer in my stable.
  13. I definitely liked it but it wasn't a "holy grail" razor. I would have kept it no problem but the handle was just too slippery for me.
  14. The razors mentioned by OP are really nice , but I think the cobra is something else. The life on the blades is superior to a de and really not an issue to me.

    Keep looking, IMHO.
  15. Use Cobra nearly exclusively every day. Sold most of my DE's (Weber, ATT H1, R1, R41) Tried a Straight (Hart) and sold (after a several week test) using a CJB with a Feather blade when I have time and inclination. Cobra is for me the best and I am glad that I purchased....Good Luck, hope you find one and it works for you1
  16. For me, the M adjustable and the G both shave equally well. I'm sure some earlier models would too, especially the E for example.
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    Cool! To think my little G approximates the Cobra for >$200 less. might be something for the OP to pick up while waiting.

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