CO Bigelow at Bath and Body Works?

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  1. Has Bath and Body Works discontinued their CO Bigelow(proraso) line at all their brick and mortar stores?

    I was at the mall in Meridian, MS and the sales person at the BBW said they had discontinued the CO Bigelow line at their store but I could still get it online:glare:

    Needless to say I was dissappointed. The only men's products they had were just some body spray(yuck) and body wash, I can't remember what the brand or scent of it was. No shaving related items at all.

    Is this the case at Bath and Body nationwide?
  2. I went into one just last week here in KY and they had the CO Bigelow cream. I can't say that they haven't changed in a week, but I didn't see any sign of them doing that. It might be that store decided not to carry it anymore.
  3. sucks for them if they have, because that's the only reason i ever go in there.

    (i did buy my mother a bottle of the sweet almond oil for her birthday once, but that's been discontinued for years)
  4. They did do a BOGO or some such a few weeks ago. "My" store had it then, but who knows now? Maybe that was their way of emptying the shelves.
  5. Wouldn't surprise me as it can't be a real big seller.
  6. I just picked up their deal (3 for 2) and they were loaded. On the other hand our B&BW at the airport doesn't carry any men's shave stuff.:confused1
  7. I emailed Bath and Body Works customer support and asked about the shave cream being discontinued from the store stock. We will see what the response is from them.
  8. Perhaps not in overall sales volume, but the staff at the stores I've been in here in Dallas say they can't keep it on the shelves.
  9. Dallas is a lot bigger market than Cedar Rapids, Iowa. :)

    I like it but I don't use it. I squeezed some into a plastic container to save for when I want to freeze my face with a Proraso + Osage Rub shave. But otherwise I've given it all away or sold what I had.
  10. I was in the B&BW in Alliance, Ohio and they said that only the higher volume stores are still carrying it. They did not have it but Canton and Boardman did.
  11. Good idea. Will be interesting to see what their response is.
  12. I think there is another store near me, I will definitely call ahead if I decide to check that one out. Although I would not be surprised if all bbw stores in Mississippi have discontinued the line (we are so backward sometimes)
  13. I got some when they were 2 for 2 and got rid of 3 on the b/s/t. I think they may be phasing them out slowly, though. Too bad, because I wasn't expecting to like it as much as i do.

    It's likely that B&B is the only reason the product is still carried.
  14. I know they discontinued their aftershaves not long ago. As for the cream I was at my local store here in Missouri last month and they still had it. I stopped by another in Arkansas last week and it was there too. I did ask an employee if they knew of any other changes/reductions in the Bigelow line and of course they aren't given any info on such things. "But I can got to the website and contact the company; they like to hear form customers." they don't. They are like most major retailers and simply want to carry what sells. :thumbdown
  15. had it when i was there the other day .. i was watchin the pocket book too closely i guess if its gone now.. that would suck
  16. I was told by one of the girls there last year they were discontinuing their men's line of products but when I asked again they said no, just scaling back on them. Sound like they will eventually.
  17. mine still keeps it in stock
  18. They've been scaling them back for several years.
  19. B+BW runs out of Bigelow two or three times a year, it just takes them a while to restock.
  20. I visited two B&BW in proximity when trying to find some CO Bigelow. One of them did not carry their line, while a larger one carried a full line of bigelow products.

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