Clubman Special Reserve / Osage Rub... new scents for me.

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  1. I am discovering that I have to wear an aftershave a few times to really figure out its scent and if I like it... (well of course thats if its even palatable to my shnoz).

    Last night I tried Clubman Special Reserve for the first time. TO ME, and for my first time using it, it seemed really "flowery".

    Not "mossy and leathery" like I have heard it described. Now again, I am learning I need to try it a few more times. But honestly it smelled like a brand of soap that I just cant put my finger on. Like I washed my face and didnt get all the soap off. :)

    Its still pleasant mind you, but the smell on, and the smell in the bottle was quite different to my nose.

    I wish Clubman didnt seal their bottles... no way to to a "store sniff" :)

    Today I will be having lunch with my mom. It will be my first day with Osage Rub... I cant wait! It doesnt hold long in the scent area for me... but it sure feels GREAT (ok ok, I tried it out as an afternoon splash yesterday.)

    I think I read that some folks use the Osage rub right after shaving... then wait a bit and apply a heavier scented AS? Does anyone so that? What would compliment Osage Rub as a "follow up" scent?
  2. I got my first bottle of clubman special reserve a few weeks ago.

    I too was not overly impressed but I will use it.

    Scents are a very personal thing. What is great to someone can be awful to others (reference any VEG thread to validate this)

  3. Special reserve is one of my favorite scents but a little heavy for this time of year.

    I just started using the Osage Rub, put it on after the witch hazel, then follow with AS, usually something that already has a little menthol such as Floid blue, Aqua Velva, or Mennen Skin Bracer. I love the cold kick on a hot day.
  4. This morning I followed the Osage with Aqua Velva Ice Sport... Nice!
  5. Tried the same thing this morning. I have to agree, very nice!
  6. Neither scent hangs with me too long... But thats a good thing I think. They are subtle and refreshing... a GREAT summer combo!

    Of course its rainy and cool here today so I went Bay Rum. :)
  7. For me it's always Osage after I shave followed by clubman or masters bay rum.
  8. I may try Osage then clubman today.... I realize Osage doesnt have too much scent, but I would have thought it would have "competed" with Clubman.

    Or do you all think its so "weak" in scent that it could be followed with just about anything?

    EDIT... oh yes... that is nice! I think Clubman could beat just about any other scent LOL.

    Man that Osage feels good on my face!
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