Clubman Lustray Draggon Noir

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  1. Clubman Lustray Draggon Noir

    Does anybody own this particular juice?
    If so, care to post a few comments, description, review etc.....??
  2. Never used that one, but I found this description from House of Beauty:

    "A sophisticated and complex masculine eau de toilette which begins with Pineapple, Rosemary and Basil blending into softer notes of lavender, gardenia, violet and myrtle. The ending notes are rich, robust masculine scents of clove, Oakmoss, musk and tonka bean."

    $Dragon Noir.jpg
  3. It is one of those products I do want to try one day but nobody here seems to use it. I haven't read a comment about it in years.
  4. My guess is that it is a drakkar noir type of sent ... haven't used it ... and just a guess.
  5. I have a bottle that gets used once in a while.It is a sweet scent with a bit of musk.Pleasant, fades rather quickly but lingers at a low level.Reminds me of AII Clubmans Crew a/s with a bit of musk,which would make sense.Combine the ingredients of two of your products to make another.The wife likes it.But is not a scent that holds up to a hot humid summer.Probably better for an office enviroment.
  6. ...and what the heck is a "Tonka Bean"?
  7. $ph--Tonka-biolandes-1232023928.jpg

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