clogged pores on my nose

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  1. anybody else have this problem,I have had it all of my life.What can I use to clean out the pores besides squeezing my nose to get the stuff out,I do this quite often but they just clog back up.The pores are quite large on my nose for some reason.
  2. The pores can get larger if you squeeze them alot. I've tried the biore strips and they didn't work for me. They didn't pull any blackheads out. The rest of my family who used them seemed to have blackheads removed by the strips though, so IDK.
  3. It would be best for you to get evaluated by a dermatologist to determine whether you have comedonal acne or acne rosacea, both of which can cause the symptoms you are describing. To begin with you can try using a 5% benzoyl peroxide wash to the area once or twice a day. Also, try to avoid oil containing products to the area, only using oil-free moisturizer or sunscreen.
  4. Use a Buff Puff.
  5. +1 :thumbup1: on Serge's exfoliant idea.

    Aside from the exfoliant or scrub, use a gentle daily cleanser to keep your face from oiling up. I recommend Desert Essence Facial Wash...natural, gentle and very effective (and cheap...$10 for 32 oz at Wholefoods). Cleansers will keep oil from building up and clogging the skin of dead skin cells, toxins etc...


  6. Well I bought both of the products,thanks for the suggestion and I also purchased the toner
  7. Exfoliator will not help with pore size, but will scrape dead skin off and allow for the skin to "breathe" and be able to perform it's function...Of course, you are correct that it will not solve your problem overnight, especially if you have oily skin to begin with.

    As for pore size getting's a biological effect and not bogus.
    Pores enlarge during puberty, when oil glands in your skin begin to increase the amount of oil that they pump through your pores. The pores get bigger to handle the increased output. You're most likely to notice enlarged pores around your nose because that area has more oil glands per square inch than any other part of your body.

    Exfoliating 2-3 times per week is highly recommended
    Gentle cleansing followed by a moisturizer (natural, oil free) is essential in keeping a healthy skin.

    No need for medicated regimen (in most cases...unless you have bad issues)

    Long time ago, in my younger years, I also had skin issues (as most guys do at some point in their lives)...some due to genetics which you can't do anything about and some hormonal/biological, which can be managed. With exfoliation/gentle cleansing, it will take a few weeks for skin to get to a normal pattern of functioning...but, you WILL see a difference :thumbup1:.

    Do gentle cleansing / moisturizing every night before bed...and maybe in the AM, before shower, shave. Do that for a few weeks and see (and feel) the effects.


  8. You may want to try a clay mask.

    I use the California North Grape seed mask sometimes. I have heard good things about the QED French Green Clay also.

    Exfoliation with a mild facial scrub is also a good idea as has already been mentioned.

    A toner or even an aftershave with alcohol could also help loosen up the clogged pores. I would recommend following either the toner or aftershave up with a moisturizer though to return the balance to your skin.

    Good luck.
  9. I ended buying some mandelic acid after reading the acne forum,sounds like good stuff,it had better be for $45 a oz,I will report my experience with everything I bought
  10. Well,I have been using the Kiehl's pineapple and papaya facial scrub,Paula's choice 1% beta hydroxy acid gel,Garden of Wisdom 15% Marine Serum,Qed French green clay for a few weeks now.And I am happy to report that my whole face looks much better and with a more even skin tone.
    I use the products on my whole face except the Marine serum.
    The Paula' Choice acid gel is a very good product,so much so I ordered 3 more so I do not run out and the QED green clay is frecking amazing good,I will use this the rest of my life,it sucks out everything in your face and you can feel squeezing your skin,after you wash it off your skin looks great.
    I assume the Marine serum is doing something but I cannot tell.
    Overall I am happy and I get better looking every day.

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  11. Good post. Your description about your nose mimics my own current experience. If you don't mind, where did you find the above items? Is it something that can be purchased in a brick and mortar or online only?
  12. Whoa, 2-3 times a week?

    Damn, I've used a facial scrub for a whopping two times this whole year. I hope they're not trying to make us buy more cosmetics.
  13. A clay mask is helpful. I've also had some luck with witch hazel followed by rubbing alum block on the affected areas and letting it dry. (If you get white residue, just wipe it with a damp cloth).
  14. When finished shaving use what is left on your brush to clean nose, cheeks and forehead.

    I have started doing this with MWF and a badger brush and have never had cleaner skin or smaller pores. I find it far more effective and less irritating than an exfoliant, so much so that you can do it twice daily.
  15. I have eczema pretty bad on either side of my nose, in addition to pores that fill up like buckets. The only things that keep this under control for me is:

    1. Head and SHoulders regular shampoo for normal hair. I don't have a dandruff problem but my hair is a good place to make a lather so I use it there, then transfer some lather to the affected areas and let it stand there a few while I shower. Then I use a regular washcloth under the running water to gently scrub off old dead skin cells, flaky scaly stuff and excess skin oils.

    2. A shaving brush is an excellent exfoliation aid, and a boar in particular seems to help promote good blood circulation in the skin. Black badger works good, too, though the more expensive and softer badgers don't have enough scrubby effect for me.

    3. An astringent. Alum is good. Some swear by witch hazel. I like good old fashoined alcohol or an alcohol based aftershave.

    4. A moisturizer. I know, this seems counterintuitive, adding moisture to skin that is already oily, but it does help. Of course you want to avoid oily moisturizers! Most brands of oil-free moisturizers are okay. The brand is not as important, despite the advertising BS, as is just USING one regularly.
  16. You don't need to buy a bunch of expensive products if you don't want to. Benzoyl peroxide wash and not using any oil containing products on your face is the best way to treat clogged pores (open comedones) and its cheap too.

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