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  1. Just started wet shaving today and I had a few questions about cleanning of the razor blades.

    Is it necessary to sanitize brand new razor blades?

    After shaving, can you just leave the razor blade in the razor and let it dry or are you supposed to take out the razor blade for quicker drying?

    Do you need to clean the razor/razor blade in alcohol after every shave? If not, how often?

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    Welcome to B&B..Hope you like it here..Unless the blades were opened when you received them, mishandled, or exposed to contaminants they should be shave ready..Some shavers find it necessary to use alcohol on their blades after shaving..Others rinse them in hot water, shake out the droplets, stand and let drain dry..There are 100's of ways to do this..You'll find whats best for you..
  3. Because all modern blades are stainless steel, they shouldn't rust with normal usage so it isn't necessary to dry the blade.

    They also come pre-sterilized, so I would suggest leaving the blade in the razor until it needs to be changed. Messing about with it too much is a great way to get cut.

    You could clean the razor as often as you want. Most pathogens don't live very long on cold metal surfaces though, but may be able to live on any grime that is on your razor. There is a sticky on how to clean razors in the safety razor forum, the main thing seems to be not to boil it as it can take off the coating of the razor. (razor cleaning thread here)

    Personally, I just rinse my razor under a cold tap and scrub it with an old toothbrush when it gets too dirty. I don't know why but my razor head always gets a white coating of gunk that slowly builds up, and I know from experience that mold can grow on this coating so I scrub it off every couple of months. I will wash it in some alcohol as well (I haven't yet, but I'm planning to).

    I hope that helps, and sorry for the long post. I would suggest doing enough to make sure you feel happy and safe using your razor.

    Edit: changed syntax so my post makes sense (see next post). Good catch Singapura
  4. Hmm, I leave the blade in the razor, but to each his own :rolleyes:. Anyway, I have an electric toothbrush with a mouth wash that spurts water. Ideal to clean the more "gunky" soaps like Tabac out of your razor.

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