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  1. Well Hello fellow shaving enthusiasts !

    A brief question for your good self's regarding cleaning DE Razors. (It seems I am always full of questions)
    Normally I clean my DE's once a month with a mild detergent and warm water and it seems to do the trick.
    However, someone mentioned the use of white vinegar?
    I know white vinegar to be a terrific household cleaner, but I am a little apprehensive to use it on my two highly chromed DE's
    (Namely an Edwin Jagger DE89 and a Muhle R89 which I love dearly) as I have a strange paranoia that they will began to corrode or lose their splendid finishes.....

    Perhaps this is a little crazy but I feel a lot of us on the forum are rather over protective towards are shaving implements ect...

    Many thanks in advance and happy shaving....

    Ct Petherington Fletcher.
  2. There is some disagreement on the vinegar as a cleaning agent subject. In my opinion, on newer razors you are probably ok, but on vintage ones I would not use vinegar. See this thread Also, there are better methods to clean. I use Scrubbing Bubbles (not sure if this would be available in Hungary) but you could look for any bathroom cleaner made for the purpose of cleaning chrome. Toothpaste also works quite well, or even hand soap and a toothbrush.

    Of course, you can also read the cleaning wiki.
  3. the_edski

    the_edski Moderator Emeritus

    if you clean it once a month already, you dont need anything harsher than soap and hot water. anything else would be used to take off heavy soap scrum deposits or grime, which you wouldnt have in the first place!
  4. I just use hand soap, warm water, and a toothbrush each time I change the blade.
  5. phillylion

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    I just rinse off after using and towel dry. And leave it out and unassembled (for 3-piece, or open for TTO) until completely dry. Leaves them sparkling clean.
  6. This
  7. I don't worry about it.

    After each shave, I run the razor under the hot water, shake it off, put it on the shelf.

    I've yet to see any significant buildup of anything.

    I can't imagine that a regular rinse with very hot water, and maybe, if warranted, a scrub with an old toothbrush wouldn't get the razor clean... my attitude is that I wouldn't risk any type of reaction with any chemicals at all, and I certainly don't want to drive traces of those chemicals into my skin.

    Even vinegar.. why risk a reaction?
  8. You (and Island Dreamer and Neognosis) must have soft water. I have hard water and could never get away with this method. I use scrubbing bubbles and a soft toothbrush each time I switch great.
  9. just use soap and water.Save the vinegar for salads.
  10. I use TP to clean the soap scum off. I tend to think that the soap scum has a protective quality.
  11. captp

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    I just rinse the razor under hot tap water and let it dry. A couple of times a year, I put an old head on my electric toothbrush and give the whole thing a good scrubbing, no soap, vinegar, Scrubbing Bubbles or anything else. But then again, I'm not AR about cleaning my shaving gear. Clean it daily if you want to, but it isn't necessary.
  12. Gentlemen, thanks as always.
    The reason I asked is because where I live I have unbelievably hard water and so consequently get large soap scum build up after 1 or 2 shaves.
    I guess I have some kind of OCD thing and like the razors to gleam but I don't clean them too regularly....... it's a sort of pride in the tool that does the job.
  13. I use a soft tooth brush every couple of weeks go to over my TTO. I then drop it in barbicide for 10 minutes then into the sink filled with cold water to rinse off. Towel it dry and hang it in the stand.

  14. I use Mr Clean magic eraser on my EJ89L. Seems to work great and bring out that shine
  15. Same for me. Barbicide and a good rinse.
  16. I got this buildup despite daily rinsing in moderately hard water.
    A toothbrush and some soap scum remover cleaned it nicely.
  17. Reserve the White Vinegar for your Brushes only, Simple Green, Scrubbing Bubbles, any other mild dish soap + a toothbrush will suffice.
  18. Just to add to the debate - I clean my (modern) razor with an ultrasound cleaner, using hot water and a squirt of white vinegar. I've never had any problems. I wouldn't use the vinegar neat though.
  19. Hmm, I just spritz the razor down with some alcohol. It sanitizes it, and displaces the water. It also evaporates extremely fast, so you have a cleaner drier razor faster
  20. I just use hand soap, warm water, and a toothbrush each time I change the blade. ​



    Keeps the razors shiny.

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