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  1. Alright, some of you fools persuaded me to try out Claus Porto soap, so I went to a local shop that carries it and picked up a 350mg bar of the Cerina scent. :drool: This stuff smells freakin' awesome. It was damn expensive ($18) though so I hope the 7x milling pays off for me in the end. I have a feeling that it'll still end up being more expensive per use than most soaps, but I'm just hoping to offset the cost a bit. I'll let you know how the first shower goes.

    One question I have is whether or not there is a way to divide this soap up easily and without wasting a bunch of soap in the form of a kind of soap sawdust.
  2. welcome to the club of Claus Porto , try Deco is the best . The soap will be with you for months , my trick is pass get wet pass the soap for your body and then use a sponge or cloth that make a lot of leather to the last . in my case this soap have a life of four months of daily use .
  3. I've had a few bars of Claus Porto but have never attempted to cut it up into pieces. So, I have no advice for you there. I think that you'll enjoy it, though I think that you may have paid more than the going rate at $18.
  4. Is no so expensive like DR Harris a bar of 150 mg for $25 to $30 per bar or Penhaligon.
    The price is right is 7 miller high quality soap . Other option you have is buy the small soap bar $7 per bar buy 3 and you have 3 different soaps, but dont buy banho is no so good the aroma dont stay to the end like the others
    enjoy your soap
  5. Is there anywhere to get it cheaper? Everywhere I've checked online has been about $18 or more after shipping.
  6. Online may be the problem. I buy mine from a local vendor where they've had it at $15. Sorry I didn't communicate that before.
  7. look on classic for $17 or in
    or Lafcon new york but there is the high price .
  8. Well, I got mine at the only place I know of locally. I'm sure I'll have time to look around the area while I use this one up.
  9. Thanks for the recommendation. I might try the Deco this summer.
  10. Just ordered a couple of these and some English Made Yardley English Lavendar. Anxious to see how they will stack up to my current favorite Nesti Dante Cypress.
  11. My first go was a hit. The scent is magnificent, and my skin feels great. Here's hoping that it lasts forever.
  12. Keep it on a soap holder that drains water away from the soap.

    If you really want it to last a long time, as soon as you have lathered it up, open the shower door and place the soap OUTSIDE the shower. Leave it out of the shower until the next day, and then take it in there only long enough to lather it up.

    A lot of soap is lost through erosion in the shower; it's better to lose the soap through actual USE on your washcloth or loofah.

  13. By the way, if you Google the soaps, you can find it as low as $14.

    Probably with shipping it would be about the same or even more than you paid, though.
  14. Here, here. Great advice.

    I keep my soaps in two soap dishes at the far end of the tub. There, they are out of reach of the water.

    I find that they last much longer this way. When I had my soap closer to the shower head, the spray of water would just melt my soaps away. Not to mention make a slick, gooey mess.
  15. I bought some Claus Porto soap (various scents) and they all smell wonderful. Not hard to cut it...Take a meat chopper and chop that sucker and use what you wish.

    Honestly, in terms of performance and longevity, the 7X milled is a bunch of hype and no more effective than a Dr. Bronner's soap. We didn't find that it made the kind of difference that warranted the price. We will finish the rest of the soap(s) and stick to other, more cost effective and top performing soaps. Some of these (for us) are the following (in no particular order):

    1. L'Occitane
    2. Dr. Bronner's
    3. Crabtree & Evelyn
    4. South of France (you can find it at Whole Foods)

    You can almost always always find a deal online with some coupon codes too.
  16. I also find that Claus Porto soaps do not have a justification for their high price, other than trying to make it look like a luxury item.

    I'm using Giovanni moisturizing body bar soaps with shea butter, and they are cheaper and much better than any of the Claus Porto bars. I can't be biased, because I'm Portuguese :biggrin1:
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  17. I opened new Favorito and a Yardley English Lavender soaps today, both lovely soaps. My skin feels less dry using the Claus Porto Favorito after a week of Yardley Rose.
  18. Thanks for the recommendations. I already have the feeling that this soap isn't going to last as long as I'd hoped. After the first shower the embossing was already almost gone- something Yardley never did.

  19. I believe your soap is the BIG 350G/ 12.3 oz bar, which I have in the Basil & Lime :001_tt1:.

    I keep the whole bar in a Soap Sudser purchased from QCS; Our soap sudser is made of multiple layers of nylon mesh. Slip your soap inside, close the sudser securely by pulling the cord and positioning the stopper, and get ready for some wonderful lather and exfoliation. When finished, simply hang to dry, leaving the soap in the sudser. What a great way to enjoy soap!

    This works great as I can scrub my body while lathering and the soap lathers so easily I can lather my palm and soap my face.

    BTW I just finished Claus Porto Brise Marine 5.3 oz soap, every day use by my wife and I and this was opened 2 months ago.

    I've tried the Speick Bath Bar 100G/ 3.5oz soap @ ~$3.50 and this lasts much longer, but ordered the CP for the selection of scents and plan on trying QCS Bath Bars when the CP is finished.
    I'll also be purchasing more Speick in the future.
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  20. With the price of one Claus Porto soap ($18) I can buy 6 Giovanni soap bars ($3 each), with a total of 900gr. And I'm sure that one 350gr Claus Porto soap won't last as long as 6 Giovanni soaps. These soaps are organic and do contain shea butter.

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