Citrusy Splash AS?

Discussion in 'Aftershaves' started by Klos Shave, Feb 15, 2012.

  1. I'm looking for an AS splash with citrusy top notes AND base notes. I've had very little luck finding something like this. Usually I find something with very agreeable and pleasant top notes, only to be let down with heavy base notes that disagree with my throat (and SWMBO). So I'm wondering if anyone knows of an aftershave splash that's citrusy on the top end and on the base end for extended wear. I like cedar notes a lot, and really don't like musk or heavy scents if that makes sense. Longevity would be nice, but I'm not looking for a cologne.

    I've tried St. Lucia Citrocol Lime and that is quite possibly the fastest fleeting AS I've ever experienced¬ógone within 10 min without a trace.

    What about 4711? Anyone have experience with this?

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    4711 is definitely citrusy. it doesnt last long enough to have any base notes though, which isn't bad. unfortunately for you though, citrus scents are normally very very short lived
  3. DR Harris Arlington
  4. 4711 is gone within seconds..

    Acqua di Parma brand after shave lotions splashes is exactly as you describe... nice citrus up front and a nice rear

    Sicilian citrus, lavender, rosemary, verbena, Bulgarian rose, sandalwood, vetiver, cedar and ylang-ylang;

    "it starts off sharp with pungent citrus and verbena. The brash citrusy opening gives way quickly to lavender and rosemary."

    I don't know that I get the lavendar rosemary base, but what I do get is very nice clean classic scent.. priced not for faint of heart, though

  5. Lucky Tiger... I think the scent might last about twice as long as 4711... meaning 4 seconds.

    As someone else pointed out, you won't find a citrus scent that lasts long. The molecules responsible for the citrus scent are light ones that evaporate very, very quickly.
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    If you can find it Brut Instinct AS. A nice lemon scent that mellows out to a citrus smell, long lasting but not over powering. For the money worth a shot.
  7. No kidding.....!
  8. Thanks for all your comments and help so far. I'm hoping to try several of these.

    I'm wondering if anyone's used D.R. Harris Marlborough Aftershave. Says it's got cedar and sandalwood, and I wonder if it's still a fresh scent heavier on the cedar.
  9. Pinaud Citrus Musk, perhaps?
  10. I have a sample of that currently and while I enjoy the citrus, I don't care for the lingering musk scent. I was very hopeful with that one, but no go.
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    My experience is similar to Brian's. Citrus is used as a top note but fades rapidly, and even more so in an aftershave. 4711 is my favorite citrus AS but I can't say it lasts more than 30 minutes. Fragrances are my chief AD. I enjoy citrus notes but I never find them to last more than an hour or two. Perhaps the longest lasting citrus top notes that I've tried are in Terre d'Hermes EdP but the orange top end is already dissipating by the end of the second hour.

  12. Vitos After Shaving (that is After_Shaving, not After_Shave or Aftershave), which I will review soon.
    Mild citrus, very powdery, long lasting classic barbershop scent.
  13. Hmmm, this sounds promising. Please let me know when you're done reviewing (and if you want to share a sample :laugh: )
  14. Maybe TOBS Victorian Lime? Pretty good longevity for a lime scent.
  15. It's funny, I was just researching this when you posted! This sounds very promising too. Now I need to hit up Garry and see if he's got all these that I want to try!
  16. Well if you come to Holland to pick it up you're getting a sample lol. But seriously, shipping is too expensive.
    That ItalianBarber has it too, and it is a huge bottle, so it's kinda cheap. Here's the link. $7 per100ml. Good prize.
    Barbiere di Figaro has it as well, here's the link. €15.75 Minus 19% sales tax, but shipping from The Netherlands.
    Best thing about the bottle is they (hige bottles) normally have wide opening for a atomizer tube to fit through.
    This one has a opening small enough for it too come out dripping, slowly, like any other AS lotion.
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  17. Clubman Citrus Musk.
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    These aren't very complex scents so they might not have the depth of base notes you are looking for but I find that both Royall Lyme and Mandarin last quite a long time on me, well past noon. They well qualify as citrusy with other elements that are hard to discern giving them a bit, just a bit of depth.
  19. Florida Water?

  20. I haven't tried the splash, but I use soap regularly and it has some fern maybe musk in it also.

    More than very fine suggestion also, but flower and sandalwood notes are too noticeable to call it an exclusively citrus scent. I agree.

    If you have the chance try Guerlain's EDC Imperiale. It has only citruses and lavender. Very short-living and no AS version but a beautiful scent. My favorite.

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