Chromium Oxide Pigment

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  1. Is this the same stuff as the CROX that we use on strops?
    Anyone here already use this?
    Ideas about mixing it with something to form a paste? I guess oil maybe for balsa strops but your ideas are very welcome.


  2. Yes. However, buying chemicals has its own pitfalls. There are different grades (Reagent, lab, purified, USP, technical, and more) and different guarantees of mesh size.

    Having said that, I've used technical grades of CrO2 before and they worked fine. Technical is for general industry use.

    Something made for pigments should be fine - see if you can get an assay of it - sometimes the company has one - to determine the mesh size. If you can't, then use it and see what happens. It won't turn you into a newt... but if it does, you will get better.

    You can mix it with several carriers - just about anything to make it slimy (<-- technical description). I use mineral oil. You only need to make a very small amount. A couple of grams will easily cover a paddle or two.
  3. Just ordered 500 grams on eBay for about 11 dollars delivered. It's claimed to be 0.5 microns so should be perfect.
    Why have I ordered so much? I want to try using it as a finishing slurry on one of my welsh slates after seeing Bart's BBW video.

    By the way, be very careful when searching for BBW on Google - I got sent to some strange sites which had nothing to do with shaving, well some of them didn't anyway!:scared:

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