Christmas Brush Choice?

Discussion in 'Shaving Brushes' started by Taysauce, Dec 9, 2009.

  1. Hello, Im looking for a nice quality badger hair brush that I can ask for this upcoming Christmas (I'm 17). I'm not looking for the most expensive brush on the planet but just something that is of very high quality and gets the job done.

    Im currently using a VDH boar brush as of now. I know its not the best but its what I started with.

    I'd like a brush that is very soft and is somewhat wider in size, but one that is still able to create a good lather.

    $50-$60 is the highest that I think I'll ask for, but I dont really know what to get.

    Any suggestions?
  2. Badger brushes vary all over the map in terms of size, quality of hair (pure, best, silvertip, etc.) brush head shape, density, etc. What type of brush are you looking for?

    For a budget brush, I think the Vulfix line of superbadger brushes are a really good value. They are on the floppy side, but are good performers.

    By the way, Vulfix also has a line of boar brushes that use their higher-end lathe-turned handles. I have the Vulfix 2233 boar brush, which I got from ......... Shaving for about $22 delivered. I have half a dozen brushes, badger and boar, and the 2233 is my day-to-day brush. It's a huge step up from the VDH brush.

  3. Another thought... I know folks like to give and get new stuff at Christmas, but if you're willing to get a used brush, you'd get a lot more brush for the money. You can pick up some good deals from forum members.

  4. I have been really pleased with my Edwin Jagger Best Badger brush in the urn style. It was a little "scritchy" for the first couple of weeks, but has broken in quite well. It is miles above what you have been using! You are not going to believe the lathering ability of badger once you try one.

    I got the large size (23 mm knot) priced at $59.95. The medium size (21 mm knot) is out of stock, according to the web site.

    Here is a link to the site:

    Good luck.

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