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  1. I have recently obtained the Chosera 5k and 10k, I have been using the 1k for awhile to set bevels.

    I honed 6 razors this last weekend on the new stones. I really do not know what I am doing but I tried to experiment with spending more time on the 5k on a few razors and more time on the 10k with the rest to see what works. Out of the 6 that I honed 2 of them turned out to be fantastic and the others were not terrible but they need more work. The two that turned out great were 1/4 grind razors and the rest were full hollow.

    I was wondering if anyone could explain to me how to I know when I am finished with the 5k stone. I imagine I will figure it out with time but if someone has experience with these stones I would like to hear other experiences.

    I also got a DMT 325. I certainly am glad I did.

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  2. The leap to the C 10k from C 5k is possible, but the time on the 10k is increased significantly if you don't have a stone inbetween. Maxed out on 5k means there will be almost no swarf streaks on the 10k when you start honing.
    Like with any other stones, the bevel-set is uber-important - the finish depends on a well done bevel. So that's the first thing to be sure of.
    The 8k Junpaktu is - for me - a critical stone to bridge the 5-10k gap. And the Snow White lets you know, instantly, if you've maxed out on 5k - so it's a good 'barometer' stone for getting dialed into the 5k.
    When you nail the 10k edge.... it's sublime. Personally - I think it puts up a better edge than what you can get from the SS 12k.
    I had both, and after testing side by side - I sold the SS 12k. You can get more 'mirror' from the SS, but that doesn't mean it shaves better. Not for me anyways.
  3. Thanks. The cost on the Chosera stones and the DMT 325 is still stinging right now so I really do not know if I can bring myself to pull the trigger on a $100 stone right now.
    I really thought that I would not need a stone between the 5k and 10k but I have been wrong before.
  4. Though I don't recommend it, you can try leaving a little swarf on the 10K chosera and it will work a little faster.

    That is till you save enough pennies to get a proper in-between stone.
  5. Need is a strong word here. Work the 5k to its limit. See how that goes first.
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    Im surprised that fella's, and competent ones at that! are recommending something in between the 5 & 10 rather than in between the 1 & 5.

    My understanding is that for the bevel to be set using the 1k it's a huge jump to the 5, meaning from my perspective the 5k --> 10k is the same jump as a 1k --> 2k.
  7. If someone asked me how to change a tire - I woldn't tell them how to gap a sparkplug.
    The OP's question was specifically about using the 5k. So - that's the question I answered.
    Then - there's the 3rd sentence in my first post to consider.
    I own and use the C2k, C3k, and SW 8k for good reason.
  8. So not only do I need a 8k stone,I need a 3k too? Oh man this is getting very experience.

    Does the 3k need to be a Chosera stone or would something else work just as good?
  9. 1k 5k 7k 10k sounds more fluid of progression imo
  10. Check the particle sizes. That will tell you the story.
  11. I say spend MORE time on the 1k. I don't spend a lot of time on my 5 k stone.

    Don't worry about bridging the gap between 5 and 10. It's fine.

    Set it on 1. Then, set it again. Do a little on 5, then very light on 10. Strop it. Shave.

    I've shaved off the 1k with a decent amount of stropping. It wasn't a great and comfortable shave, but if it's all I had...I could live. And, I could probably get better at it. Point being, if you can shave off the 1k decently (I don't mean just brutally scraping hairs), then obviously adding a stone in there isn't all that needed.

    Yes, yes, worms are crawling all about. That is the beauty of this hobby, you get to find out what works for you.

    Now....didn't you get lapping film? Your name seems familiar. If you did, or if you have some, you can use that as a stone in between if you must. Say, for your 3 and 8.

    I don't seem much reason to have a 1 3 5 though. Those are all too close and not needed. I mean, if you had them...great. I have them and I don't use them. You'd be on each stone for so short of time it's not worth getting it out. I use either/ or. No method to the madness, just whatever I pick up. I mix film/ naturals and synths, too.

    When are you finished with your 5k....when you can shave with it. Then you take it to the 10k and add a little Boo Yah to it's tail end and have a great time. Some watch the water on the stone. I'm looking out the window. I test on my legs and arms a lot but have run out of hair so need to just rely more on feel. But, feel is a good indicator. When it just feels right. Check it and see. I mean, it takes two seconds to whip up a little later. Later a cheek. One swipe will tell you if you're close, way off or on the right track.
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  12. Check the particle sizes, that will tell you the story. I suppose that you can wipe a 1k scratch pattern with a 5k, why anyone would want to is beyond me. But - I guess if you like doing so that's fine. Same on the other end.
  13. Sorry Rick, but what is your logic here? If the bevel is already set then what purpose does spending more time on the 1K do?
    In my opinion all this will do is waste good metal.
  14. I have the 1-5k Chosera stones, and the 8k Snow white, I finish on a nakayama or a 10k SS after it. The jump from 1k to 5k is not really a jump, just in theory. In reality, the 5k Chosera is the fastest stone in this range I have used, it wipes away 1k scratches in only a few laps. The real problem is that it leaves a bit deeper scratches than other hones in this range, so it is advisable to finish on it with a few very light laps before going higher. The 8k Snow white is a joy to use, but hearing from others, it isn't a necessity if you have a 10k Cho, but I haven't, so I HAD to buy one :lol:
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    Hey, you got 2 fantastic edges so it can be done right?

    Take everyone's advice and work out something that works on the full hollow. I find that I put too much pressure when honing, so the wedges and kamisori get the sharpest easiest, while the flexible hollows take more work to get right.

    Also, are you using xstrokes? I know you aren't a novice, but I had to ask. :)
  16. The Chosera Series is incredibly agressive and quick. I used the same progression, 1k, 5k then 10k and it worked.
    It wouldn`t work with the Superstones or Shaptons, but with the Chosera it does.
    It is not about particle size, it is about the amount of abrasive per square inch. And the Chosera are believed to be packed with abrasives.

    Stay on the Chosera 1k until it shaves armhair along the edge.
    Proceed to the 5k with less pressure. Proceed until the scratch pattern from the 1k is replaced by that of the 5k.
    You should be able to pop arm hairs easily now just above the skin.

    Proceed to the 10k for the finish.

    FYI I traded my chosera 5k and 10k because I found them to be too agressive, but others like them just fine
  17. Actually - its not just about the particle size, but it is a very strong guiding light here.
    The 5k is not the fastest or most aggressive in the line, and while it does polish extremely well, if you dont work that stone veryvery well for a good long time - under magnification the 1k scratches will still be very visible.
    What is necessary - or needed - is subjective and possibly arguementative. Fact is - most people dont 'need' most of the stuff we buy.
    Objectively - I produce significantly finer edges when I put a 3k between the 1 and 5k. The scratch patterns wipe cleanly and easily with that progression. I could shave off the 5k if I really wanted too, but the shave wouldnt be fun. So - while finishing on a 5k 'works' - I keep going till I get what I want. Need? Well - all I need to do is shave, the rest of this stuff is just a distraction.
  18. Thanks for everyones advice. I even received a few PM's. I am just going to stick with what I have now and see how I progress with experience.

    I have been using a coti with oil after the 10k and then stropping, I am going to add my Frankonian to the mix this weekend to see if it adds anything.
  19. actually , it is as decent a spaced system as any if done right,NOTHING in between needed--
    the 1K sets the bevel, the 5K confirms it, and the 10K polishes it up for the Balsa, diamond felt, or leather-----------i use a Norton 4k/8K after the 1K chosey, IF i needed this much action to get my hone "shaveready".
    then felt diamond.25, the balsa.1, or balsa .3/.1 (2 sides)------i would like to try your system, I think it would do wonders myself-its too late in the game for me to change now----- as it stands now, i just need, a felt and balsa and leather to keep me on Par, maybe the 8K to bring me back-i dont intend on buying any more Straights, so my 1K and 4K, will rarely be used
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