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    Here is where I get my stuff.

    What is the best from the soaps here? I'm new to wet shaving. I was going to get the Conk Amber or Almond (are they nice smelling or horrible?) But I just read a thread saying the soaps are horrible? I don't want to spend too much money, just something that will get the job done.
    My skin type is a bit of very weak acne, so stuff against that or that won't make it worser would be nice
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  2. Hands down the Tabac. I'm not a huge fan of sticks but that will be yours to determine so buy both!
  3. I don't know how I didn't see the rest of those, but still the Tabac and the link is right. The bowl is what I use as it's a puck while the other is a stick. Check out the Soap help sticky to see how a stick works. The Proraso is very good, the Speick excellent, and the Trumper's gets very good reviews although I haven't tried it.
  4. Also read the tabac polarizes people. What does this mean? Wil my face smell during the day if I use it?
  5. This mitchel wool fat has good reviews too, tho it comes with no bowl. .. Also has no alcohol like the others, which is what id prefer
  6. The Tabac bowl is your best choice IMHO. The stick is overpriced in relation to the bowl though.
    It is an excellent price because I bought my bowl here in Belgium (Tabac is quite common here) for €15. You pay only 1,5€ more.
  7. They mean the scent is polarizing, personally I love it. It will not linger though and most find the scent strength fades over time. Check the reviews.

    MWF is one of my favorites that I will never be without. But it can be a bit finicky. I think it just has a very narrow operating range to be perfect.
  8. Ok so it's a choice between tabac and mitchel;s wool fat.

    so hard to choose.. actually I only get acnle on my nose and above my lip, not on my neck. So i think it doesn't matter what I get.

    I'll give the Tabac a shot.
  9. Not to be a party pooper but I also have moderate acne and the Tabac is full of strong fragrance or something, broke me out. I had to quit using it. You may fare better than I did with it though.

    Also, your other choice, MWF, appears to be full of lanolin, another product that can cause acne to flare up in some people. Again, you may be okay with it, won't know til you try.

    Finding a soap that works can be difficult if you have recurring acne issues. There's a lot of trial and error involved. Hope you have good luck with the Tabac.
  10. You can't go wrong with the Speick or Proraso (either type - green or white).
  11. stick with tallow imo. Might as well start out with the best =P
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    Speick is excellent, and I would not overlook the Trumpers soaps. The Coconut Oil soap is mildly fragranced, and is an excellent performer.
  13. Of those on that sight, I'd go with either the Tabac or Speick. Can't go wrong with either one.
  14. I got the tabac for now. I don't find mainly anything that I put on my skin to cause break outs, but I will see I guess. I'll give the speick or poraso a shot if it's horrible for me.
  15. Speick seems to be the least expensive soap there and is excellent. Has a fresh, spicy scent that I love.

    Tabac is a great performer. Has a floral smell that reminds me of holiday inn soaps in the 80's. Some people report hating the smell. Doesn't bother me but I wouldn't say I love it either.

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