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Discussion in 'The Barber Shop' started by strop, Jun 13, 2012.

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    SWMBO and I are thinking about going to one of the shows at the outdoor theatre at Navy Pier this summer. It looks as if all the seats already reserved for the dateI want are at the back of the first section. Is this one of those venues where the stage is actually above the first several rows of seats. I dislike sitting and having to look up at the stage. I'd rather sit farther back and not get a sore neck.
  2. If you get a seat up front you'll need to look up a bit, but the seats rise up the farther back you go. Saw Ray LaMontagne there and I was farther back and had a very nice viewing area. I think the stage is an OK venue, zero acoustics and the street and crowd noise sometimes drown out the performance. But a very nice setting against the lake.
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    Thanks! That's what I figured. We're looking at the Chinese acrobatic troupe, so acoustics are not a major concern.
  4. I was at Navy Pier just last weekend because the women that I traveled with wanted to go. Didn't take in a show there. We just enjoyed the outside seating the cafes provided and cooled it.

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