Chicago area get-together - Close Shave thread - with date poll !

Discussion in 'Gatherings and Get-Togethers' started by JCinPA, Apr 13, 2013.

Of the following Saturdays which ones can you NOT attend?

  1. May 4

  2. May 18

  3. May 25

  4. June 1

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  1. Hi there Chicago-area wet shavers! There have been hints at another small get together at the Lincoln Park Merz store, but nothing has gelled so far. We don't need a big crowd, I know a handful of us could have a great time.

    The only one I attended, was at a Dunkin Donuts at around 10 AM on a Saturday morning, as I recall, and that seemed to work well form most folks. Going on the assumption that will work again, how about this place

    Pannenkoeken Cafe
    4757 N Western Ave Chicago, IL 60625

    Great reviews, nice neighborhood spot. There is also a Dunkin Donuts nearby, I think. This place is just a few doors from Merz.

    Instead of posting your favorite day, how about you post with any of the Saturday dates that you cannot make. I'll start about a month out and put four weeks of Saturdays out there. If you only have a conflict on one, I'll assume any of the others are good, and then I'll tally up which day will draw the most of us. I think that procedure will keep us from interminable back-and-forth which kills these things before they get off the ground. Make sense?

    I hope this works! :001_smile
  2. Well, I picked the dates, so I can make all four dates. :001_tt2:
  3. No on 18th for me. Probably.
  4. DukeNDuke

    DukeNDuke Contributor

    Excellent idea. I've been looking for an excuse to head to Merz's. Hope this comes together.
  5. It will come together. It just might not be big, but that' s ok.
  6. Looks like May 18 is least desriable, and May 25 is not being chosen as a bad date.

    The thing I did not think about was since people who CAN make it are NOT voting, so I don't know what the response will be.

    But who cares? If it's just me and Clutch Cargo or Captain Pre-Capsize, I want to see the Merz Linconlwood store anyway, size of gathering is not a factor, at least for me.

    I'm leaning toward setting this for May 25 at 10 AM. They open at 9 am, I checked.

    If you think you would like to join us on May 25, please post in here.
  7. Price

    Price Steward Contributor

    I, uh, can't make any of those dates. :crying:

    Enjoy, fellas.
  8. That date might be a challenge for me but if everyone else can make it, I'll surely try. I've always wanted to go there since I've order with them by mail.
  9. Awww, we miss you Price! How's the cruise? Better than Carnival we hope!
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  11. Sounds good to me.
  12. Nice! That's at least two of us!

    Details in Post # 10
  13. luvmysuper

    luvmysuper Moderator Emeritus Contributor

    Get there early, parking is difficult in that area and likely will involve a walk of several blocks.
  14. If my brother in law isn't working, I think he'll go.
  15. Saturday, May 25th. Oh, darn! We serious woodworkers will be converging at Handworks, the biggest hand tool event in America, in Amana, Iowa that weekend. So unfortunately I will not be able to attend the Chicago area Close Shave Event this time.
  16. Good tip! Thanks, Phil!
  17. DukeNDuke

    DukeNDuke Contributor

    Sounds good to me. I've got it on my calendar.
  18. JayEddie

    JayEddie Contributor

    Wish I could make it. Way too many other things going on at home.

  19. Just a little reminder! I will aim to get there by 9:30 and stake out some space. It sounds like it will just be a handfull of us, but I'm looking forward to meeting a few of you ... and renewing acquaintances with some.

    I'm really looking forward to seeing Merz North. I frequent the Merz downtown location, but I've never seen this one.

    Remind your buddies! Put it on your calendar!

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