Cheapest Blades Ever? - Tiger Blades.

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by StubbleShaver, Jul 10, 2012.

  1. Found these in an Asian store down the road from me.

    £2.00 for 100 blades!

    They are brown and matte but shiny at the cutting edge.

    Shaved some arm hair off on the way home and they dont seem to pull to much..

    If these work for me, I'm going to go back and buy every pack they have for the shaveocalypse!

    Here is a picture:

  2. 2 Pence (3 Cents?) Per Blade!
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  4. There are some razors in which those blades won't work. No slots.
  5. malocchio

    malocchio Contributor

    This company makes excellent blades,have been around a very long time,and still crank out very smooth carbons.Unless you want to order 1500 cases,don't bother them ! These blades,except for tiger,are supremely rare to find.

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  6. I've seen Tiger blades in one of the local shops (regular shape though) but wasn't brave enough to buy a pack :001_rolle
    StubbleShaver, please let us know how these blades shave. I hope you find them better than Lasers.
  7. You remember that thread? Ha ha!

    Just had my evening shave with them. They are sharp, only blade i've ever got razor burn from but i think that may have been due to the OC Razor more than anything!

    Will give them another go over the next few days in my HD and Slantbar!
  8. So they weren't deadly?! That's a good start :001_smile
    What blades can you compare them to?
  9. For me, they feel like they are inbetween Feather's and Gillette Super Platinums (Dark Blue, Russian)
  10. I guess that makes those Tigers quite decent blades. And when you think about the price...

    P.S. Now I have to grab a pack too :001_rolle
  11. Sweet packaging. I wonder if they are brown or just rusty.....
  12. Bobbers

    Bobbers Contributor

    I am glad they work for you. I had the same blade and loaded it in to my 1907 single ring Gillette. I did not even make it thru a complete shave before I stopped using them.
  13. Sort of OLD style blades, except the outside holes are oblong. Anyone know if they're designed to fit a particular razor?
  14. malocchio

    malocchio Contributor

    they make both slot and hole versions...
  15. I bought a pack, based solely on the package.

    I also bought a pack of Timors, based solely on the packaging.

    Someone with the ability to make a cool razor blade package, please take note.
    What I think we want is cool, graphic, modern packaging
    Retro 1920's type packaging.

    This mid '70's packaging that so many blades have just plain sucks, and is not really appealing to me as a collector.
  16. In the name of shaving science I also purchased a pack of Tiger blades (regular shape) :shaving:
    I hope the won't cut my face to ribbons .
    One note though. On the sticker (the kind that local distributor puts on) it says that country of origin is China :confused1
    $2012-07-12 18.21.22.jpg $2012-07-12 18.21.45.jpg
  17. Mine don't say china, they say Czech republic.

    No blades from china, egypt, india, pakistan for me. Ever.
  18. Czech Republic isn't mentioned anywhere on my blades

    Even 7O'Clocks from India aren't good enough for you? :huh:
    Higher end Super-Maxes and Lord's suit me. But I don't expect nothing good from these Tigers. Because of adverts like this one I think these are counterfeit.
  19. No. Without becoming political or lecturing about human rights and world politics, I'll just say that US made blades, along with blades made in Germany, England, or Europe and Israel are my mainstays.

    Just how I choose to spend my money.

    The Czech Tigers aren't brown or anything either, but I hear that they have been discontinued. I'll give one a try when I switch blades on Sunday.
  20. I completely agree that it's everybody's choice what to buy and who to support.
    Rhetorical question: are you sure you don't own anything made in China? that would pretty hard these days since almost almost everything is made there: electronics, souvenirs, simplest household items :wink2:

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