Cheap Leather Flip Flops thats last??

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  1. Hey,

    My choice of flip flops have been American Eagle leather flip flops, they seem to last a relatively long time since I wear them so much. My strap on my last two pairs have finally taken a crap on me (after 3 years of nearly daily wear).

    I'm looking for some new leather flip flops for under $30ish. I see these for ~$15 which seems like a good deal to me, but I wanted to see if anyone on B&B had any recommendations.
  2. Skechers are good and they have the ones that wrap around your ankle.
  3. German Birkenstocks?! They will last forever and you could reapply soles and rubber/cork footbeds anytime...The Arizona model is now a Classic, as any Coke can or a Harley bike..such as the Boston model clog. You can't go wrong with Birks'!!!
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  4. Q_Q am I doing this right? I went to the birk websites and $120+ for a pair o_o
  5. Rainbow.
  6. I have made one pair of rainbows last me 4.5 years in college. They are a great deal.
  7. I was looking at a pair of those also. Someone was sposed to get me some at the outlet last month while they werein Cali. Just curious, which model did you get?
  8. I have a pair of Chaco's that have served me well thus far.

  9. I know what you mean...and yes you are: a pair of birks' are not cheap indeed, but for comfort and durability they are # 1!! They will last 10 to 15 years used inside, of course...Just 120 USD dividing for 12 years, let's say, and you have a winning formula of 10 bucks a year...On the long term situation is your best choice!! And you can change any time the used footbeds and soles. Inferior quality, let's say, 50 USD a pair will last, what, 3 years ? After 12 years of use and 4 pairs you've spent 200 dollars and inferior quality all those years.

    But on the economic side, Brazilian Havaianas are nice too...But as you've said on title...thats last...and lasting ones means Birks'!!
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  10. I would stay with the AE since you know they'll last and the price is right. If I wear flip flops, its to the beach. Otherwise, I wear nice leather sandals.
  11. If I recall correctly, my girlfriend found the current pair of Rainbows that I own on their website on clearance for $30 bucks. I'd keep an eye on their website...cuz 30$ for a pair of rainbows is a great deal. Those things will last you years and years. Otherwise I don't really know as since I have started wearing Rainbows I haven't really looked into anything else.
  12. Old Navy makes a piar just like those AE ones that I;ve had for 4 years now. if you are going to the real long haul though Rainbows are your best bet for strictly flip flops.
  13. +1 on Rainbows. Awesome longevity.
  14. I pretty much gonna go with rainbows but I do have a question. Whats the difference between the single and double arch? How would I know which one to get?
  15. I like the reefs better. Yes, they do have some models with leather thongs. I like how they don't smell like death after a while and won't stain your feet like the rainbows do. Maybe those are just by products of living down in the deep south :)
  16. my vote goes for J Crew or Bostonian... Both can be had at great prices; the former in their outlet stores, the later whenever they run a sale (quite often)
  17. $120 for a pair of shoes that can only be worn inside? :eek:

    Go with Rainbows. Mine were around $50 and they have lasted years of abuse. Also, they have a lifetime warranty of them.
  18. I have owned both the single and double arch Rainbows, and I would say that I like the double arch better. BUT...I have higher arches, so they were more comfortable for me. If anything, it adds a little bit on to your height.

  19. Well that said...let me see if Rainbows are available here in Europe!!:biggrin:
  20. Ok, I bought a pair of black rainbows premium leather offa ebay for $20 shipped, new :-D!

    I was hopping for a brown, but I guess I'll live.

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