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Discussion in 'The Cafe'' started by R-James, Oct 21, 2008.

  1. I am on the look out for a cheap grinder just to get me going, and I am quite interested in hand grinders so I can do a batch of beans each time I want a cup.

    Should I go this route or go electric. I am sticking on a tight budget with this as I don't want t to run away with me.

    2nd hand from ebay is fine by me.
  2. go for a burr grinder it's better than a blade, lasts longer and grindes more evenly gaggia start for about 80 euro, well worth the investment
  3. I've been more than happy, so far, with my blade grinder I found on clearance, but just yesterday saw a burr grinder at WM for around $30....hmmmm
    also, I've considered a hand grinder as well, ever since I saw a kit for building your own, I'm really thinking about doing that. My question is how well to the hand grinders work? do they operate like a burr grinder, which is what I would think?
  4. letterk

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    What kind of coffee brewing process do you use?
  5. Krups GVX231 (I have the model before the model before) never used it for coffee - only spices - but it didn't even pause on the nutmegs
  6. blade gringer is best for filter coffee' burr grinder works better for espresso
  7. John, my go to is a bodum french press at the moment with that being 90% of my time, the 10% goes in a moka pot.
  8. I second this comment, with the exception of the last 10% going to my bodum press as well....:biggrin1:
    actually, I do sometimes use drip, but I usually use pre-ground coffee in it
  9. Not hardly. A blade is almost capable for autodrip filter coffee, but it still produces uneven extraction due to its "dust and boulders" output.

    Apropos of the original question, this one ($30) and its companion $20 smaller one have gotten good reviews on the coffee forums for anything from press to espresso. Other than that, keep your eyes peeled on the Bay for a Zassenhaus. I finally managed to pick one up for about $25, but they're usually at least twice that.
  10. letterk

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    Yes, a blade grinder can work for anything with a filter, but they're terrible for espresso. You need consistency and a blade grinder is the most inconsistent.

    I'd higly recommend a quality burr grinder for french press. A blade grinder will result in a lot more sludge due to the variety of grind particle sizes.
  11. Keep in mind, at least what I've found, that a cheap electric burr grinder (maybe $50 or less) can be very uneven and messy. I had a couple before going to a good grinder (Rancilio MD-40) that left dusty messes (lots of static from the plastic container) and were uneven grinds, too.

    The travel grinder looks neat!
  12. I would recommend either a Capresso Infinity or a Baratza as a minimum investment in a grinder. It will be a minimum for drip, FP, or Espresso. Anything cheaper and the latter two will be difficult to get good results.
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    I have the GVX2 burr grinder. Picked it up for $60 about 2 years ago. It does it's job.
  14. The heck with electric -- hand-cranked coffee-grinders are so easy, a caveman could do it! I've got one, and it works like a champ... takes all of two minutes to grind the three SCAA scoops-of-coffee-beans which make my morning French-press brew.

    Here's a link to several of 'em on ebaY-UK.
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    According to the designer (Alan Adler?), his Aeropress works well with a blade grinder.
  16. Seems like I read somewhere that electric grinders should never be used for grinding coffee because the blades heats up and affects the taste of the grounds.
  17. yeah, the smaller motors can heat up as it grinds. With the larger grinders, the motors use lower rpms so it's not an issue/
  18. What did you end up going with? I don't want to go over board with coffee, but after reading all of this stuff it sounds like my $15 blade grinder isn't up to the job.
  19. mine's still working's like the range of $5 - $550 shave brushes, sure the top end ones will whip up lather faster and more efficiently, but the lower ones will get the job done, particularly on my budget :tongue_sm
  20. I haven't got a grinder yet but I am still on the lookout!

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