Cheap but lovely bowls

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  1. From a $2 japanese shop in Singapore (Daiso) - porcelain bowls.
    The big one is heavy, with slight rough internal surface and is great for lathering. I lathered while gently holding it down on the countertop.
    Retain heat relatively well.
    A little too deep but it is great with a brush with long loft (>50mm)


    Each SGD2. I use the small one for my MWF. Need to squeeze the soap in.
  2. gearchow

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    Here in the US, Asian markets are great places to find cheap, but nice bowls. I prefer melamine as the shatter factor is way down.

  3. I am always a fan of using household items that match the shaving den decor when they can do the job. I see people spending $20 for a lathering bowl that looks like the one my cat eats from and I have to shake my head. I still kick myself for getting hooked on shaving mugs when coffee or soup mugs from the antique mall would hold soap just as well.

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