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Discussion in 'Fragrance' started by Texican, Jul 15, 2012.

  1. So I recently received a bottle of Chanel PM cologne from a purchase here on B&B. This stuff is amazing and what I have been looking for in a fragrance for a long time. The citrus, leather, and herbal accords remind me of old favorites like Douro by Penhaligon's. With that said though, are there any fragrances similar to Chanel pour Monsieur? I know that some people think the Concentree is a butchering of the original stuff. And it can be trying to find a bottle of the cologne on the Bay. And since I'm in Wyoming, I doubt I'll be visiting a Neiman Marcus anytime soon....
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  3. maxman

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    Come to Canada. We can get it here. I personally like the Concentre version better. I know The Bay has it
  4. Chanel pour monsieur is one of the truly classic fragrances for men. I love it.
  5. joshmpdx

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    I think of Chanel's Pour Monsieur as a precursor and 'lite' version of Nicolai's New York and Tiffany's for Men. Obviously, these are not Eau's by any means and the citrus is not as stated as Pour Monsieur.
  6. Tiffany for Men is oft cited as being a similar scent and some consider it a masterpiece. It is also reasonably priced.

    But I'm not sure that Chanel PM has any leather in it... Which bottle do you have? Squarish bottle with green juice, or rectangular bottle with yellowish juice?
  7. Niles

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    I love Pour Monsieur but haven't tried the Concentree version.
  8. WOW! I agree with all that has just been said.

    Yes, its a masterpiece and yes its amazing.

    To me, all Chanel products for both men and women are truly awesome. They make such classic stuff.

    I have two bottles of the aftershave splash (the splash is great and they make a balm version too if you like that) and a bottle of the EDT. Its my wife's all time favourite and one of mine too.
  9. The juice is yellowish. Of course I'm probably mistaking the leather notes for some other spice or what not. But it definitely reminds me of Bois du Portugal or something light that. Very light.
  10. joshmpdx

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    BdP is to my nose right up the same alley with New York and Tiffany for Men.
  11. jakespoppy

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    Like others, I think Tiffany for Men is very similar to Chanel Pour Monsieur, and I prefer either to the Concentree version.

    By the way, Texican, are you finished with your prep program in Mass and in service in Wyoming now?
  12. I finds these frags somewhat similar to Chanel PM:

    1. Monsieur de Givenchy - lacks a bit of the musk though
    2. Versace L'Homme - a bit more musky in the dry down
    3. Cerruti 1869 For Men - has a bit more herbal in it
  13. So you beat me to the Chanel Pour Monsieur, I had the second PM. It's a great scent, I'll be checking out Tiffany for Men.
  14. professorchaos

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    Tiffany for Men is indeed a masterpiece.
  15. For those who've smelled both, any reason to go to the trouble of finding the Chanel or is the Tiffany as good or better?
  16. professorchaos

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    I prefer Tiffany - it smells better, lasts longer and I believe costs less.
  17. Game, set, match

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