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Discussion in 'The Cafe'' started by ouch, Oct 9, 2008.

  1. ouch

    ouch Moderator Contributor

    When it comes to tea in general, and pu'er in particular, do you enjoy light, subtle, ethereal blends or bold, in your face, knock you socks off brews?

    Both are enjoyable, and I have equal love for Burgundy and Bordeaux, but in this case, put me down for the latter (at least for this week).

    What's your preference?
  2. Suzuki

    Suzuki Moderator Emeritus

    At work, I generally prefer the lighter styles - cheap and cheerful, like a nice Beaujolais.

    When I have the time to properly taste them or after dinner, I like the more powerful ones - like a nice aged Brunello (keeping with your "B" theme :biggrin:)
  3. Sometimes I'm not in the mood for the bolder teas.. I usually drink those when I don't feel like dealing with coffee or espresso. I usually drink the lighter, floral teas.. my favorite (as I've said before) is the Taiwanese Jin-Xuan. It takes a bit of skill to steep properly, but if done right, you get a taste unlike any other tea I've ever had.

    Perhaps it's where I live (Latina, Italy / Miami, FL - Reclaimed Swampland / Singapore - HAlso high Humidity) but my tea leaves never seem to keep so well. How are you guys storing them? Anyone thought of getting a vacuum sealer?

    This week I'm finishing off a passable Formosan tea from Teavana..
  4. Scotto

    Scotto Moderator Emeritus

    It's like anything else - it depends on my mood and the seasons. As it gets cooler, I crave the more intense teas. Same story with shaving, right now the vetiver and sandalwood stuff is getting a workout.

    I suppose if you were really nuts, you could coordinate your cologne with your tea or coffee....
  5. Rich tobacco pu'er assuages my desire (but inability) to smoke. Light mushroom pu'er is a bright morning tea. Dank shicang pu'er is a rich midnight treat. Brutal Bulang pu'er is a friendly punch in the face on a cold day. Slinky wildflower yinhao pu'er is a gentle frolic in the hay to remind me of Spring. Ancient narcotic 1960s pu'er for those "quiet moments before the storm".

    A pu'er for all seasons. :)


  6. ouch

    ouch Moderator Contributor

    True. I was already thinking about what you said regarding Harris sandalwood aftershave.... :lol:

    And why shouldn't it be seasonal? Who drinks vintage port in July, or craves a rosé in the dead of winter? Whether it's tobacco, wine, cologne, coffee, or tea, there are appropriate situations for all of them.

    The luxury of choice.....
  7. ouch

    ouch Moderator Contributor

    In a related note, what would give me a bigger whack than Bulang?

    Jingmai? Banzhang? Any other micro areas to consider?
  8. Hmm. I've had the pleasure to be drinking actual Banzhang selected by Nada in person, and it's sweet and mushroom-like. Bulang is traditionally darned powerful. Jingmai is more nut-like. Then again, you can get some real monsters from any region. I had a "Dehong area" pu'er from VL (author of Tea Logic) which was like paint stripper. In a nice way. :chinese:


  9. I enjoy strong bold, yes in your face flavors and coffee the same way. I am new to the tea world (other than the Stop & Shop crap).

    What should I be looking for guys? And where do I find it?
  10. Thanks, It was gifted to me from one of my Chineese exchange students that was here for a summer internship program.

    The Tea that she gave me was from her grandfathers farm in her home village.
    Great tea but I have no more and she is gone...:frown:
  11. When it is cold, I like a heavier brutal sheng-pu, or really musty shou-pu tea, warm weather I would still rather reach for a lighter green, or less complex sheng
  12. No one like that in these parts ... . :rolleyes:

    BTW -- very clever thread title, Jay.
    Now I can't get the damned tune out of my head.
    (Saw her in Cambridge, MA last Feb (Sermon tour)).
  13. ouch

    ouch Moderator Contributor

    :lol: Boy, you're not kidding. This has to be the worst assemblage of maniacs and enablers I've ever encountered.

    Thanks! I keep telling myself if nobody gets it, I'll have to stop. Of course I won't...:001_rolle

    Crap! Now I cant get that tune out of my head.
  14. Yes. :biggrin:
    (It occurred to me that I hadn't answered the original question.)

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