CCW: Springfield XD 9mm compact or Glock 19?

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  1. Considering both as a first pistol. As far as I'm concerned, this thing is a tool. I want it to be rugged, reliable, and highly functional.

    I want a concealable gun that is also a decent recreational shooter for range trips. So I think a regular compact is the correct size for me. I'm looking at these two models due to cost and general high regard.

    So, B&B, which do you prefer and why?

    And does anyone have one they're looking to get rid of? :001_smile
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    I like the Glock because it has fewer parts and there is nothing more reliable on the market.
  3. I've owned both. I liked the Glock better. Not to mention that Glock is the easiest to tear down and take apart, and they have the best customer service in the world. I like the feel of the glock better in my hand. the xd is a little squared off more where the slide meets the frame, so it felt a little bulkier when carrying and sitting in a restaurant or in the car. You can't go wrong with the Glock and it has the most after parts of any pistol on the market, except maybe the 1911. Get glock and don't look back. but then again, you won't need to.
  4. They are both fine. I'd pick the Glock IF it had night sights.
  5. For most of the stated reasons I would go Glock. They are just better made IMO. I disliked them for a long time and after doing the armorers course and alot of shooting with one they are without a doubt one of the most reliable and accurate pistols you can buy, even if they are ugly as crap. The 19 is perfect for what you want and is the one I went with, its no longer a daily carrier for me but you won't ever be disappointed with it.

  6. BTK


    I've shot them, carried them, trained with them, both are excellent choices. Try both and see which one fits your hand, trigger preference and style best. Glocks have a bit more grip angle and would lend itself to isosceles stance (both arms relatively straight out in front). The XD is more upright and fits more naturally to the weaver the stance (turned 45 degrees, bent support arm). Again, everybody is a little different and you just have to try it. Close your eyes and point the handgun at something, then open up and see which one points more naturally. Which one fits high and comfortably in your hand. Which one is one sale. You really can just pick one and move on.

  7. Glock. Your hands will adapt to the gun. It does not have to fit comfortably at first. The Glock is so much better than the Springfield that they do not belong in the same conversation. Believe the posts above about simplicity, ease of detail stripping, etc. Learn to detail strip any weapon you own. The Glock is so intelligently designed and reliable that working with it and shooting it is a joy.
  8. I've put thousands of rounds through my Glock 19 without a problem. Pull the trigger and it goes bang! Every time. Easy to strip and easy to clean. And with a good hoster and belt, it conceals very, very well, while still having enough barrel length to shoot accurately. I've only held the Springfield, and it does have a lot of fans. But the Glock feels better, more natural, to me.
  9. Glock 19, pre Generation 4 (these have some known issues still being worked out).

    My personal pick would be an S&W M&P9 or M&P9C as they're effectively an improved Glock 19.
  10. i'd take the glock as well. i have a gen 4 with the correct spring and no issues at all.
  11. Springfield. Hands down. Not a question.
  12. How come? Seems like it pretty clearly is a question, given the long string if endorsements for the Glock. What makes you prefer it?
  13. I own a SA XD 9mm 4 inch and a Glock 35 40 cal. I enjoy shooting the xd more because im left handed and the ambidextrous mag release really helps. I have an extended mag release that digs into my hand and hurts.

    I like the safety features on the XD more. It shows when a round is chambered I like the grip safety and the striker fire pin indicator at the rear(some people do not like the grip safety so its all personal preference). IMO I would feel more comfortable concealing the XD than the glock because of the safety features( although glocks are very safe to carry. Just a personal preference.)

    I like the finish on the glock better. I bought a first gen XD about 8 or 9 years ago. They are known to have issues with the finish. It scratched easily and im getting some rust. I think the newer generation pistols have been improved greatly. The glock however is top notch.

    A poster above said the glock is easier to take down...not really sure what hes talking about, they are both equally easy. With the XD you just flip a lever up pull the trigger and slide forward. Easy as pie.

    Both pistols have shot flawlessly for me and you cant go wrong w/ either. The grip is more like a 1911 on a XD and the glock is more angled. You should goto a gun store and hold one(and if possible fire one) before you buy. Check out the XDM is you have the extra cash.
  14. You always assume a gun is chambered, NEVER trust a mechanical flag to say 'hey moron, i'm loaded'.

    They can fail. Seen it.
  15. On the subject of "it's always loaded"-- what's the story on dry-firing drills at home/not at the range? Are they kosher if you take extraordinary precautions to ensure that the gun isn't loaded?

    I've not done any of them, but when I first read about them I felt like an Asimov robot being urged to harm humanity. Can't violate the prime directive!
  16. I agree with everything Godan has said, plus the glock slide sits lower over the hand then any other handgun giving it a very "point your finger" natural aim. It also makes the bore axis more centered so it has less muzzle flip than an brand with a high bore axis such as the XD and Sig.

    Being an LEO, I have pretty much done all handgun training exclusively with the glock pistols. I own the model 19 in 9mm, the model 23 in .40, the model 30 in .45. I also have a Glock model 32 barrel in .357 Sig. I can take the .357 Sig barrel and switch it out with the barrel in the model 23, using the same magazines and convert my .40 into a .357 in a matter of seconds.
  17. Glock 19 all the way...
  18. Yeah its not a problem. That said, if you have an area were you store your guns and ammunition that is the place you never, ever, ever do your practice. In my case I have a closet in the office that houses my safe and shelfs for ammo and stuff. One shelf is always empty and if I am going to dry fire practice I remove the mag and rounds from the pistol as well as any extra carry mags and place them on the empty shelf. After verifying 3 times, 2 by racking the slide and visually inspecting, that there is no magazine in the pistol or round in the chamber on the third I will stick my finger in the pistol and physically feel the chamber, at that point I lower the slide and holster the firearm. I have seperate magazines that I keep with orange tape on the bases for dry fire practice. These mags are never loaded and only used for training, you can hunt the gunshows or shops and pick up some beater magazines cheap for practice. I take the 3 mags I use for dry fire verify they are empty and put them in a mag carrier with the 1 left for the pistol in my pocket. I then relock the safe and closet, remove my self and my equipment from the office and shut the door. After that feel free to pick a spot were you have room, and a safe direction, to practice. Reverify that all mags and pistol are clear and have fun. You don't have to use seperate mags, I just prefer that. Either way just check, recheck, and rerecheck to make sure you are clear on all equipment and that there is not live ammo in the room you pick to practice. Overkill, maybe, but like everthing else with a firearm is very important to establish a good safety routine and use it until it becomes second nature. Hope that helps!!

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  19. Glock 19 Gen3. Avoid the XDs.
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    Another vote for the Glock 19. One of the best, most reliable, and easiest gun to clean.

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