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  1. I live in Wisconsin...and were about to pass concealed carry(only WI and IL dont have it.) If it passes im pretty sure I will get a CCW permit sometime down the road. I'm looking for a good concealed carry gun.

    What do you guys use? I don't want to start a caliber debate...but I feel most comfortable with 9mm because that is what I mainly shoot(but open to shooting whatever). I'm currently looking at the Glock 26.

    I currently own:
    Springfield XD 4inch service model 9mm.
    Glock 35 40 cal tactical.
    Springfield 1911 Operator
    Rossi .38 Special snub nose.

    The glock 35 and the 1911 are too big and cannot see myself carrying these. I might carry the springfield or .38 however until I save up to get a new gun.

    Thanks for the suggestions.
  2. The Glock 26 is a great choice. I shoot a 27 in 40 and would really prefer the 9. Look at the Kahrs-basic manual of arms is similar to Glock, they are flat and shoot great. There is is new Sig 290 coming out and at lower price points Kel Tec makes a single and double stack pocket nine as does Taurus. I Would stick with Glock, Kahr and Sig. You can't go wrong with any of these-really up to what feels best to you.
  3. Being my former passion (guns) and a ccw holder for quite some time, I've carried numerous guns over the years concealed...including the 1911 you deemed to large. Find the right setup and any gun can disappear on your person.

    The XD is a fine gun to carry, I had one in .357 sig and it concealed well, was light, and had plenty of power. Really I dont think you need anything else other than a good gun belt and holster.
  4. I carry a Kel Tec P-9. It's a single stack 7+1, extremely easy to cc.
  5. I carry a Smith & Wesson J-frame with .357 Magnum hollow-point cartridges. It is plenty heavy, and I was not impressed with the quality when I bought it.

    When in the backcountry, however, I don't mind carrying it in case I encounter a hungry mountain lion with glowing eyes and sharp, pointy teeth.

    If your Rossi is rated for "+P" ammunition, that may be the way to go.
  6. I prefer revolvers (but I'm old :laugh:) and prefer pocket carry. I had a S&W airweight Chief's Special (Model 37) identical to the one shown. Round butt with the alloy frame, I could fill all five cylinders with the 110 grain copper DPX round shown and my total package was exactly 16 oz. I had a special pocket half holster made (no weight) that kept it in a ready position in either front pants pocket or jacket.

    Although the carry rounds were the expensive copper Corbons, I would use a little Lee Loader and handload mild charges of 158 grain lead rounds for most of my practice. I kept the charges light because of the alloy frame on this particular Smith. Didn't want to take any chances stretching it out.

    All my practice (at least 100 rounds a month) was done INSIDE of 20 feet, and most of it at 10 feet. I didn't have any false illusions of what this weapon was for.
  7. I might just get some night sights for my SA 9mm and carry that but kinda want a small pistol I can pocket carry...has anyone ever shot the Kel-Tec P-3AT or the Ruger LCP? Or any small pocket pistols you like?
  8. Winter Carry: Glock 30
    DM Bullard "Dual Carry" Holster. The J Hooks allow you to tuck your shirt in over it for full concealed carry.

    Summer Carry (shorts): Sig P238
    DM Bullard Pocket Holster
  9. I carried a G22 in a Galco Shoulder rig for a long time. I am doing a S&W 649 right now because of special circumstances. I open carry around the house, XD9 service in a Serpa paddle holster

    My wife carries an XD9sc in a Serpa paddle holster every day. Bro in law and Father in law both carry the LCP. Mother in law carries a 38 in her purse.

    G26 would be a good choice, I'd like to have one myself.

    I don't have one, but I have my eye on the new Ruger LC9. I'm giving it 6 months or so to see how they hold up.
  10. I shot the LCP. I like it, for what it is. Lightweight, not too much recoil, long weird trigger pull, small grip for my big hands. I'd get one but I think I am going to get the slightly larger one in 9mm instead.
  11. I have a Kel-Tec P-3AT that I carry from time to time. It not a bad little pistol, managable recoil, small grip. It not a gun that you'll take to the range and shoot all day, but it conceals nicely.

    I alternate it with a Glock 27. I prefer the Glock but carrying it lately has been hurting my back.
  12. My carry pistol is a Sig 230 stainless .380 carried in the small of my back. The newer version is the P232. Same pistol for all intents and purposes.

    Small, light, flat, and therefore easy to conceal. I'm not a big guy, so a smaller pistol is easier to conceal.

    But most important, it fits my hand well and points instinctively for me. Use a pistol you are the most comfortable shooting that is the largest you can get away carrying. I'd carry a 1911 if I could get away with it.
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    Good choices on the Glock. My CCW are the Glock 19 and 23!
  14. I can't shoot the really short-gripped pistols worth a damn. I need something I can put my pinkie finger on. But I also wanted to carry something very thin and light. So I opted to get a single stack 9mm with a grip long enough to fit my whole hand on. The best combo of price, shootability, and reliability within those restrictions I found was the Kahr CW9. It isn't the prettiest or the most accurate thing out there, but it shoots quite well within the parameters of a CCW weapon. It carries almost effortlessly in a Comp-Tac MTAC holster. I have carried it nearly every day for four and a half years now and have been very pleased. In pants with large pockets it can be pocket carried, but I prefer it in the waistband most of the time.

    Just remember to get a good holster and belt to go with your gun. The best CCW gun in the world isn't worth a damn in a crappy nylon holster or even worse if just stuck in the waistband of your pants. $100+ is entirely common for a good holster (though there are very good options cheaper too).
  15. Any suggestions on a good holster model or company...Im currently looking at the Don Hume H715-M W.C. for my XD9 service model. Would probably prefer an IWB holster...but open to anything since Ive never concealed carried before.

    Also... I'm a lefty so finding holsters is kinda hard sometimes.
  16. Walther PPS 9mm
    Milt Sparks, Crossbreed Supertuck, High Noon Holsters, are good places to start for IWB. I got a cheapie from High Noon to get by with until I decide on a better one for the future.
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    I like Glocks and Crossbreed holsters.
  18. CompTac MTAC.
  19. This gets my vote too. In my experience a snub nose 38 get carried more than any thing on a daily basis by non cops. 2nd is one of the Baby Glock's!
  20. My primary carry is a Kahr P9. As has been mentioned these are great for CCW as tthey are thin and conceal well. The CW9 is a little less expensive if you want to save some money. The glock 26 is a good gun but still a little chunky IMO.

    My secondary is a Keltec P32 in a pocket holster for shorts and lighter carry. They, like the LCP & P3at, are good guns for pcoket carry. They are good to about 30ft and no more. I usually practice at about 15ft with mine as its really shines at 10-20ft.

    I think most who carry will tell you no matter what you carry get a good holster and gun belt. You will probably find yourself going through 3-4 different holsters before you settle on what you like. Plus don't forget to think about seasons as winter carry may be a different rig than summer.

    Hope it helps!


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