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  1. They don't get love around here or on basenotes but I'm looking for recommendations on casual/sporty/fresh fragrances. SWMBO is sensitive to stronger scents and I'm gravitating more towards lighter, easy to wear choices lately that work in hot weather.

    Right now the three that I'm wearing most are Mugler Cologne, Chanel Bleu, and Davidoff Cool Water Frozen (don't judge!).

    What are some other selections to check out? I'm looking for designer frags only, not pricy niche houses.
  2. Try "Kenzo Sport". I generally don't like sport fragrances, but this one is pretty nice. I don't even think they should have called this one "sport", but I think sport fragrances are big sellers. Give it a try.
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    D&G Light Blue. It's one of my favourite summer scents.
    I know they made some new formulations for this summer, but the original Light Blue is the best IMO.
  4. Good call. Moves from sport to vetiver in no time. I was pleasantly surprised.
  5. ADP scents are probably considered niche, but are right in line with some of the pricier designer scents.

    Amazing quality and fantastic for wearing in the heat.
  6. I don't know if you'd consider Bay Rum but, C.O. Bigalow's 1401 Bay Rum Balm is light and not greasy in the least. It's not very spicy like most Bay Rum After Shaves and it has a nice Metro scent. It's my g/f's favorite.
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    • Astier de Villatte Eau Fugace
    • SMN Eva
    • Nobile 1942 Vespri Esperidati
    • Monsieur Balmain
    • Lubin Eau Neuve
    • T&H Clubman

    I don't want to confront your choice (and I like Chanel Bleu too) but I'm listing few niche scents that I believe are financially comparable with most designer scents and are still above average scent wise. Eva and Clubman could be sporty, but all of these are fresh and casual.
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  7. The aquatic and sport fragrances are not my thing, but two classics I like in the heat that aren't overly expensive are: Caron Yatagan - bone dry desert herbs and wood and YSL Kouros - iconic and polarizing.
  8. Whoa! You are a true man if you can pull these off in the heat. I can't pull them off in any weather.....
  9. I like them both in the heat but you do have to go easy on the trigger :)
  10. Thanks for the suggestions guys.

    BillC, it's funny you should mention Kouros, it's the main reason I'm going to lighter scents. I've worn it in the heat successfully, seems to come alive in heat actually. Yes, you do have to go easy on the trigger. There were days where I thought it was great but then there were other days where I thought man, I really wish I could get this scent off of me right now.

    I've tried Yatagan. I remember it having a strange woody, herbal, incense like quality. Didn't have good projection or longevity for me.
  11. I'll try Kenzo Sport. I don't think any vetiver I've tried has worked for me though - Guerlain, Terre D'hermes, Encre Noire, etc. Hopefully it is void of the seaweed note of Kenzo pour homme.
  12. The Vetiver is very, very bleak to my nose in Kenzo sport. I could only smell it a tiny buy after wearing it for a full day. I also wear Guerlain Vetiver and there is really no comparison. You may get a bit of it in the Kenzo, but I really think it is subdued by the other notes. Obviously, try not to buy it at Sephora $75 is pretty high for a designer brand like that.

    As for Yatagan....I think you had a bad batch. It has monster projection and longevity on pretty much everyone. It is hard to wash off.......
  13. Both masterpieces, but in the heat? I'd rather not choke thank you!
  14. I get that, but I like them both in the heat better than the cold. Lightly applied, they both seem to come to life to me in a way they don't when it's cold. Knize 10, on the other hand, turns to petrol on me in the heat - I love it in the cold but don't go near it in the summer.
  15. I love Ambercrombie & Fitch's Woods scent. Don't know if they still make it, though.
  16. Just to toss a few out...

    Lalique White - amazing summer scent. very citrusy, very spicy, great longevity and its not too loud.

    Bvlgari Pour Homme Soir - light on the citrus with this one. Very musky and earthy with the slightest hint of tea. this one is a personal fav of mine

    Bvlgari BLV - perfect for summer time. lots of ginger and spicy citrus. very powdery dry down. ladies love it!

    Burberry Touch - light musk. very powdery with a great violet and pepper spice. amazing longevity
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    CK One. It's a summer scent that I try not to be without. That goes for the original Tommy. Both can now be had at Walgreens
  18. You could also try Versace's The Dreamer or Annick Goutal's L'Eau d'Hadrien Absolute. The latter is not so much a "light aquatic" but is a wonderful citrus. A bit more difficult to find, but very good quality would be Sigilli Ferfaen!:001_wub: Finally, I would think that Rance's Le Vainqueur would be a good lavender that is light and modern...

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