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  1. Hi folks. New to the site. Look forward to lots of advice. Started with a straight razor about a month ago. Not doing to bad. Couple of nicks. Still nervous with the under the chin and neck area. Bought a Parker Shavette but just ordered a vintage straight razor from Whipped Dog a couple of days ago. Looking forward to it. Cheers! !!!!
  2. Welcome to B&B!!

  3. Welcome Moonshot!
  4. Welcome to B&B !!
  5. Niles

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    Welcome to B&B.
  6. Welcome to the forum!
  7. Welcome my fellow Canadian (unless your a leafs fan, then I take it back. J/K)

    Enjoy B&B

    Where in Ontario are you?
  8. Welcome to B&B, lots of good people and help here.
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  10. Near Grimsby
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    Welcome to B&B.
    There's a bunch of us Northerners here (and many of us use straights as well!).
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    Welcome to Badger and Blade! :thumbup:
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    Welcome to B&B.
  14. Welcome to the forum !!
  15. Hello and welcome to you.

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