Can you use the back side of a barber's hone?

Discussion in 'Hones/Honing' started by nrv216, Apr 27, 2012.

  1. Hey guys,

    I just won a barber's hone on ebay for really cheap and when I got it the front is kind of dirty and scratched but the back looks pristine. Can I just hone on the back of it? Probably a dumb question but I am sure you guys have the information I need. Also, the seller sent me a blade with it that is pretty rusty but in otherwise decent condition. It is marked "the winner" Sheffield. I will post pics later but does anyone know anything about it? Thanks!

  2. Yeah pic's are a good start. I think you could use either side of a B-Hone if you make sure it's lapped.
  3. Ok Earcutter,

    I will get on the pictures but how do I tell if the back side of the hone is lapped?

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    Barber hones are synthetic, so they should be the same on both sides (Unless it is a dual grit stone, and then the sides will be different colours.)

    The back is probably better to hone on, as it doesn't have the stamp, giving you more playing surface.
  5. Short of doing it yourself its kind of impossible to know if it's been "lapped" but... If you take a blade that you know is true, and slowly run it across the stone with an eye on spotting any "gaps" that appear between the stone and your blade - it should give you a good idea if the stone is flat.

    Depending on how hard the stone is, lapping it yourself isn't too hard. A peace of flat glass or tile, and some sandpaper should do it. Do a search on lapping. If you have a DMT - you're golden.
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  7. Both sides can be used and are most likely the same grit rating.

    Did your blade have uneven hone wear when you bought it? The wear should be even across unless the razor is warped or your stones are not flat.
  8. Hey all,

    Just a follow up! I was getting some tugging with my AoS Dovo 5/8ths so I ran it for three laps on the hone pictured above! My next shave was amazingly smooth and comfortable. As far as Disburden's question about the uneven hone wear; That razor came that way. It was a freebie that came with the hone and I am not using it except as a test dummy for various restoration methods and chemicals. My stone appears to be flat!


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