Can I use a DE razor with traditional shaving cream?

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  1. I'm new to this website, and looking forward to my first DE shave.

    As of right now, a Gillette super speed, some Van Der Hagen soap, and some personna double edge razor blades. I got it all locally, and only have about 15.00 invested right now. I would like to get my first shave on new years day, but will not have a brush to make some lather, so I'm wondering if there is any problem using modern shaving cream. Am I more likely to cut myself, or anything like that?

    I'm going to put an order in for a brush, some prorasso and a few different blades to see what I like, but I'm ready to get started now.

    Thanks for the help.
  2. It is really funny that you call canned goo "traditional" btw but, yes you can. A lot of members would say that soap/cream and brush improved their shave more than the transition from multiblade to SE/DE/STR8.

    I will not; DE is the best thing that ever happened to me (as far as shaving is concerned!) and I have been shaving with it for years with a brushless cream that made me happy enough.

    But a brush and soap make it better for sure, though it might be wise to change just one variable at a time so you keep in touch with what you are doing.
  3. If by modern cream you mean foam or gel in a can, yes you can use these products (many did "back in the day"). You just might not get as comfortable or as close of a shave as you would with traditional soaps or creams.
  4. I learned to shave with a DE in the early 70s, and used canned cream back then, the way my father showed me. It wasn't until this year, when I returned to DE razors, that I learned the older soap and brush method.

    You may as well use up what you've got. Once you learn to make a good lather with soap and brush, you probably won't want to go back, but you could.

    By the way, some drugstores, Walmarts, and other stores do carry inexpensive boar shaving brushes which will work, although likely you'll want to get something better for the long run. So you might not have to wait.
  5. I started with a DE and fine. I find the gel goo clogs easily unless you really rub it into a lather. In the past couple years I started using a brush and creams/soaps. I can say it really enhances the pleasure of the shave!!
  6. This morning I shaved using the dregs of a can of Old Spice sensitive. Two passes with an injector, and a touchup pass with a Treet classic blade in a Gillette Super Adjustable. It worked, but not one of my best shaves. I'm blaming it on the ASR injector blade.

    I have two more cans of the Old Spice sensitive (aloe & lanolin), and I'll use them up eventually. In these dry winter months I tend to use The Body Shop Shave Cream (last year's formula) as it is very emollient and soothing to the skin, along with their Razor Relief.

    If there's a Body Shop store near you, I'd check out what post-holidays sale they may be having. The one down the road from here had a gift pack on sale consisting of a tub of Maca Root Shave Cream, a tube of Maca Root Razor Relief, and their nylon shave brush for $20.

    I almost bit, but I have enough stuff to use up already...
  7. Welcome,

    As has been said, you CAN use the can, but it won't be as nice as the soap/cream meant to be used with a brush.

    I would try to make a lather with the VDH, even without a brush, maybe by applying it on the face. I think it will be better than anything from a can.

    Good Luck!
  8. I just started as well, but I picked up a bowl from Target for $3.99. Its the Thomas O'Brien brand, ceramic, and they had a blue and a white one on the shelf. Its about 4.5-5" diameter. So far I've been getting what I think is a decent lather with the CO Bigelow version of Proraso, so I am guessing it is a good size for making lather.
  9. Thanks for the response everybody.

    I meant to say modern, when talking about today's shaving cream.

    I ordered a Tweezerman brush, and some derby blades and merkur blades, so I can try out a few blades and see what works best. They should be here by the 4th, so I'll be good to go.
  10. luvmysuper

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    You can use the canned goo, but you won't like it.
    Wetshaving means a brush and a soap or cream.
    Pick up one of these from Walmart. $7.86 for a boar brush, bowl and another puck of VDH soap.
    You'd wind up using the soap anyway and the bowl and brush are quite good for the cost.

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  11. Before I started real wet shaving, I was using Barbasol, a twin blade disposable, but I was using a badger brush. I guess the brush did help things along, but when I got rid of the Barbasol, and the disposable, man did things improve. :thumbup1:
  12. on a side note, check out westcoastshaving. They offer a great sampler pack of different razors you can try. However, I really like the Derby's so I stuck with them.
  13. Welcome to the forum!

    Yes, you can. Upon my return to a DE I started out with a birth year Gillette Tech and some Barbasol. Like you, I immediately started branching out to finer products; particularly some C&E (Crabtree & Evelyn) Sweet Almond soap and a C&E Pure Badger brush. Don't have much of the soap left, since alas, it is no longer made, but I've enjoyed the brush for many a shave and expect to enjoy it for many years to come.

    Actually, I began my shaving odyssey much like many other American young men. Started using my father's Gillette adjustable, then moved on to a Gillette Atra, both with canned goo. Had to use an Atra, or some other cartridge razor, because the U.S. Coast Guard wouldn't allow a recruit to use a razor with an exposed, removable blade like a DE or GEM in basic training. Gee, I wonder why?

    The VDH products are decent, as far as mass-marketed products go, but I never did like the brush. If you want to go inexpensive (cheap) just put the puck of VDH soap in an appropriately sized coffee cup/mug.

    If you want to splurge on your next purchase, definitely get yourself a nice brush. You don't have to spend a fortune, and you will never regret it! A basic, pure badger brush can be had for between $30.00 - $50.00 USD.

    I can just see the early symptoms of AD developing! You might even find yourself acquiring different soaps/creams for particular seasons of the year, as well as different razors to choose from depending on the length of your beard on any given day.

    Don't be surprised if you find yourself haunting flea markets and antique stores.

    Have fun, educate yourself (watch "Mantic's" shaving videos on YouTube), heed the advice of the experienced members of this forum and may you enjoy many years of nice shaves. Your shave will be your own personal time when you can, hopefully, shut out the world and enjoy some time alone from all the cares and worries of this life. You will feel better and look better.

    Your first shave more than likely won't be your best shave, but everything will improve as you pay attention and develop your own technique. You will discover the various directions your own beard grows and will shave accordingly.

    Just take your time. Don't be afraid to ask questions.

    Warmest Regards,

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  14. Sure you can as everyone has stated. But if you want to enjoy the wet shaving experience get either a cream or soap that works for you.

    Welcome to a great shaving site...
  15. Due to waiting for my brush to show up, I have been using the Gillete Foamy shave cream outta a can.

    It seems to give a decent shave, but I can't wait until the brush shows up. My only problem is that this brand leaves a white film on my razor when I am done. This might be my water, but when I rubbed some VDH soap on my face and shaved, I did not get the film on my razor.

    Has this happened to anyone else that has been forced to use the canned foam?
  16. That's just soap scum. It will happen eventually no matter what cream or soap you use.
  17. Yes but a better combination would be a quality cream and brush with a cartridge razor I think.
  18. I just tried my 34C with some Barbasol, this morning, the only difference is that I don't rub the brush over my face. Overall Its was smooth, got a nice DFS.
  19. Mmmmmm, delicious zombie thread!

    Barbasol is actually a very good canned cream. Proraso is also pretty good. I don't see anything wrong with people using good quality canned lather. Not everyone wants to deal with making brush-built lather, but most people can appreciate the finer points of DE shaving. Also, it takes time to get the hang of brush-built lather. Canned creams (and I don't mean gels!) can be a good way to start shaving DE while you're learning how to make your own lather.
    -- Chet

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