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  1. My wife and I just got a small travel trailer and need to stock a mini kitchen. :thumbup1: I"m hoping to get some recipes and ideas as we are both new to this, cooking gear suggestions as well.

    Our gear so far:
    The Trailer's 2 burner stove, Oven, Microwave.
    RVQ grill that plugs into the trailer propane system.
    A Coleman Perfectflow Instantstart Grill/Stove for outside.
    Dutch Oven still unopened in box.
  2. Microwave?! What kind of...nevermind.

    Recipes that can be cooked in aluminum foil and roasted/braised are excellent for all types of camping. Roasted stuffed items cooked on forks or sticks work nice, as long as cook time is short.

    A portable/separate grill or griddle is a good idea for use over the campfire.

    Extra long camping forks, pie cookers, etc for the campfire. Get a few more than you expect to need of the pie makers (having 1 for 4 people sucks, get at least 2), and 2x as many forks as usual participants in camping.

    Long handle iron skillet or handle extension (big pliers) for skillet.

    Lid opener hook, or big pliers.

    fire poker

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  3. I second the foil-packet dinners. Putting pots and pans right in the fire is great and nostalgic for The Old Days and all, but cleaning the soot off them is a real pain in the a** in a camper sink or water fountain. Foil can be pitched. You can pretty much throw whatever ground meat/veggies/potatoes you want and it will come out tasty, even without seasoning.

    We've taken to using a propane camp stove for 90% of our cooking (after the first day and the hot dog/smores thing wears off).
  4. I just take something like this to cook in. I can Bake, Fry, Boil, and about any other method of cooking you can think of in this thing. What more do you need?
  5. IMHO - While a dutch oven is great for over a fire, it's not as useful when using it with a propane stove. Coming from someone who has camped for years, and still does, I'll try to give some advice.

    Always cook outdoors whenever possible. Cooking inside your camper is a perfect way to make it stinky, and greasy, etc.

    +1 on cooking with foil. Hamburgers/Spuds/Carrots/Onion + seasonings + foil = yummy meal & easy cleanup!

    A microwave is handy if you have room for it. Purists will say that's "cheating" but as it is in these forums, if it works for you, great!

    I have a 2qt hot water pitcher that we use for heating water for washing dishes.

    I have a checklist in Word format if you'd like me to email it to you. It might help. If you want, just PM me and I'll email it to you.


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