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Discussion in 'The Darkroom' started by sphughes, Apr 11, 2007.

  1. I am considering picking up a Canon 3S IS. I have read through many websites and forum/reviews and found that TMI can be confusing as hell. I think that I have narrowed the short list down to this model and I am seeking the respected opinions of my B & B brethren. The final 3 were this one, the Sony H 5 and the Nikon P 5000.

    Any feedback would help. Thanks


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    Most of what I've read about the Canon 3S IS has been favorable. Elmo's right in that dpreview is a great site and I've spent many hours there over the years. The 3S isn't very pocketable but seems to be a nice camera. Good luck in your search.
  3. I would steer you toward a DSLR but this camera seems to get high marks. The benefit of the DSLR is that you can play around with different lenses and the practical life of the camera is extended.

    Here's a group of reviews on your camera that appear all to be favorable.

  4. The Canon S3 IS is on my very short list -- if I'm buying a new digital camera, 99% sure it will be that one. I have a Canon Powershot S100 that is about 6.5 years old and had just started giving me some troubles so I'm pretty happy with the Canon name.

    I've had my hands on the camera at Fry's for a few seconds and it felt pretty nice. The size of the S100 has been nice but I'm very willing to trade size for features (specifically the 12x optical zoom). The fact that Dell has the S3 IS for a hair under $300 right now has about pushed me over the edge.
  5. I pulled the trigger on the S3 IS and ordered one through . It was ~$305 and I figured with the great service I've gotten from them in the past, it was worth the couple extra $ over Dell.

    My next mission is to get to the brown truck before my SWMBO does. This will be just like intercepting a brush or razor........Then the 30 day rule.....

  6. Scott, did you get the 2GB card that came with the combo deal? Does it seem to be working ok?
  7. I did and it works fine so far. I also ordered the Sony Rechargeable batteries for ~$20. I picked up a Lowepro EX 120 bag at Staples while in there for something else for ~$20 as well.

    So far so good.....Now I need to learn about everything else that needs learning about.......No small task, but there is a great group of advisors here to help me out at B & B.....

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    It's amazing how the prices of memory cards have dropped. I bought a 2G SD card for under $20. Canon still uses the older compact flash format, but those have become very inexpensive, as well.
  9. Was about to mention but see that you've already discovered it, Scott. Wish that the site hadn't gone down as I'm sure I couldn't learned a thing or two to help remove my credit card from my wallet :wink:

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