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  1. Normally $15.95

    Free shipping with $25 or greater purchase. The flavors in stock include:

  2. Don't know about this product. What's a "must try" item? They great performers? Great scent? Or both?
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  4. If I didn't have way to many soaps already, I would have bought the Classic Havana and the Oriental Plum, based on B&B feedback and scent descriptions. I do have the Dubai and love it. The scent actually reminds me of the time I spent in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Al Ain.
  5. I see they have Dubai & Classic Havana back in stock.
  6. The scents of these soaps are refreshingly different than almost anything else on the market.

    Iberian Sun. Think fresh oranges. RR Marco scent on steroids.
    Tea Time. The puck is green. Smells like many US made tea tree oil shampoo products, but better. Tangy. Win.
    Highland Honey. Honey with faint lilac. Dude, it's honey. I liked it enough to get the AS Balm and love it. Strange, but true. It works.
    Dubai. complex stuff. dark and good and manly. Not incense like, more sweet than that.
    Gentleman. I get Irish Spring bath soap.

    Heads up though, only oriental plum and ice angel have lanolin with mango oil and I think these ingredients increase shave quality significantly (they shave like a tallow soap). But, I'm partial to lanolin big time. The others shave very well also. They have kaolin and shea.

    YMMV and all that ...
  7. Picked up a puck of Iberian Sun and Oriental plum. Thanks for the heads up.
  8. Last day for this

    Use code bandb for additional 10% off
  9. That code (and the fact that they restocked) put me over the edge. I held out as long as I could, but ended up ordering Classic Havana, Oriental Plum, and Haslinger Honig to get past the $25 free shipping level.
  10. there too late....

    ........they are out of Classic Havana, Oriental Plum and Dubai........

  11. Keep checking from time to time. This past week I've seen them in and out of stock several times. I finally bought when they were in.

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