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  1. My question is something specific. It is about the head of the three piece safety bar. Not really about QC issues or what type of metal/plating, more about the shape. Are they an identical shape? Same dome size on the top head piece? Same blade gap? Same horizontal distance from the top head piece to the safety bar? How about the shave? I'll be patient for answers as I doubt too many people have both of these types of razors.
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    No. It has been awhile since I have used a Parker 3 piece razor but recall them as being very mild. The Cadet (especially the open comb version) has more of a blade gap and is a more aggressive shaver. I have not gotten the calipers out so let's just leave it at that.
  3. So if anyone has the parker and the cadet 3 piece safety bar version please let me know if there is any differences.
  4. The Parkers are a bit aggressive (99r, etc) but the Cadets (especially the TTO Mongoose) are more aggressive. The Mongoose was far too aggressive for me.
  5. Major difference. The Parker although it looks like a R89/DE89 clone is far more aggressive. The Cadet three piece head shaves exactly like the R89/DE89, cannot tell one from the other. So if you like an Edwin Jagger you will like the Cadet or RazoRock three piece head.
  6. Thank you. Very informative.

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