Cadet Razors - I'm blown away.

Discussion in 'Double Edged Razors' started by Christian_V, Sep 18, 2013.

  1. I recently bought a Cadet Open Comb razor off a B & B member on the B/S/T at a very reasonable price. (12 bucks) I knew nothing about this brand, I went into this deal blind. All I knew was I liked the way the razor looked and I was dying to try an open comb razor.

    Anyways I received the razor today and I am absolutely blown away. For starters, it is heavy! I own several razors and the Cadet is by far the heaviest. I really like that as I prefer heavy razors. The handle is long and the inlay work on the handle is intricate and beautiful. It has an art deco design and creates a confident firm grip when held in the hand - no slippage. The chrome finish is HIGH quality - it reminds me of my Edwin Jagger. It simply shines!

    I researched the razor online and they sell for around 20 bucks brand new. The razor I received looks like it has never been used. I am surprised these things sell for so little. The gentleman I bought it off, DaveL, was kind enough to include a pack of Atsra SP blades and another brand I have never heard of but am itching to try out, a Russian brand, Ladas. Yet another example of how awesome the people on this community are. I am totally stoked on this razor and am excited to shave it with it.

    Anyone have experience with this brand?

    Here is a picture of the razor next to a FB I also picked up on the B/S/T from another really awesome guy, HisDukeness. There's a hilarious story behind the (travellin') Fatboy which I will tell later though lmao.

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  2. Hi Christian: I have never tried the Cadet OC razors but I know several B&Bers say it is just as good if not better than a FaTip. You cannot beat that price. Glad that you are enjoying yours.

  3. Thanks Warhawk! It sure is a beauty. I'll be posting my thoughts later on the shave itself. BTW, the model is Cadet TP-29B. The website that sells them has all sorts of varieties of handles. Some quite elaborate.
  4. Handle (and the entire razor ) is gorgeous.
  5. Looks like a good deal for that kind of price.
  6. DrAwkward

    DrAwkward Contributor

    I also bought one on BST for very little money. It is smooth and aggressive. An amazing razor for such a low price. I understand it is plated pot metal, so don't drop it or anything.
  7. Luc

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    I am not a huge fan of the Cadet I bought. Don't get me wrong, it's a good razor and for the price, really well built. I find it too aggressive. That's right, too aggressive is like too mild (well, too mild is better IMO). Anyways. Compared to the Fatip, yes, the Cadet is better built. The handle on the Cadet is quite nice and is inter-changeable with a Gillette head.
  8. I like mine. I liked it well enough to trade away my Merkur 11C. At some point I may try a Gillette OC razor but for those times I skip shaving a few days the Cadet is perfect for whacking down the unruly growth.
  9. Which Cadet do you have and did you try it with a Gillette New? I have a TP-02S on the way and hope to put the handle on a Gillette New head is why I ask.
  10. Luc

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    Tried with a Gillette NEW (which handle and which head)?
  11. The Cadet TP-02S its like the TP-01 but in pewter and chrome I want to put the handle on a Gillette New Short Comb head, it has the little indent between the grooves. Hope this helps.
  12. I'm currently using the Mongoose now, it is a regular in my rotation. Yes it is heavy but very well balanced. I really enjoy the shaves I get from it.

    Will have to look into the open comb models.
  13. Luc

    Luc Moderator Emeritus

    TP-01 would be the one.
  14. I have the TTO, OC and 3 pieces offerings from Cadet. I really like all three. Excellent for the price and nice to add to the collection.

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