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  1. Hello, I am seriously thinking about getting a modern open comb type razor. What sparked my interest was my shave yesterday with my vintage Gillette 1918 or so OC razor, (which I have only used very occasionally) it took a lot more attention to technique during the shave but oh god the shave was so close..... and came out just fine. Now I realize why a lot of guys love using open combs......

    So, I have been browsing the net and recently been contemplating buying a Cadet OC razor. I love some of the designs on their handles.... and their prices seem very reasonable..... (19 dollars from Shaveabuck) I do not have a lot of money to spend, so that influences my choice of razor......

    Who likes and uses Cadet razors here and what are your experiences with them? How is the shave with them and have they held up well since you have acquired them..... any and all feedback is much welcomed by me.


    John H.
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  2. I have a Cadet OC and have been using it almost exclusively since I acquired it. The razor itself is well worth the money and then some. As for the shave, it really didn't take that long to get my technique down. I had more trouble finding the angle on my Gillette New Short Comb then I did on the Cadet. The shaves have been extremely close and comfortable. I get zero irritation from this razor since day 1. I do get a weeper now and again, when I'm not paying attention, but this razor has yet to really bite me. I also have no fear of doing an ATG pass with this razor. The only downside for me is that my normal "go to" blade doesn't seem to work that well in this OC. Now I have a drawer full of Voskhod blades collecting dust. Personna Labs and Reds have worked really well though, so I'll be picking up some of those when my current supply runs low.
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  3. The handles themselves are worth it, in my opinion.

    I didn't think that the open comb head was as friendly as a vintage New or Old Type/Goodwill, though (a British New or a US short comb are both excellent choices in my opinion). My bias is for razors where you have the cap and comb/safety bar both touching your face as you shave.
  4. thanks for the excellent information guys!! I believe that this is the razor I am gong to get.....
    I have been using some of my vintage Gillettes in rotation, (they are all great of course) but my only modern razor is the Progress that I own, and I almost never use it.... I need something different.....
    A modern new open comb may be just the right thing for me these days..... perhaps the last razor I will invest in as I have no real need for any others...... less is more..... and simple too....
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  5. +1

    I got the TP-01SS, the handle is short ~3" but is solid brass and has some heft. Makes the razor feel balanced and really nimble.
  6. I was fortunate to win a RazoRock Jaws OC (Cadet). It shaves great and is not too aggressive. It is hard to beat for the money to give an OC a try.

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  7. For me both open comb and safety bar razors are terrific shavers.

    I've been using the Cadet TP-26 frequently since Sept. 2012. Along with a shorter handled Cadet OC with the same head, it is my most frequently used razor.

    You will see some comments about it being an aggressive razor. I feel that it's moderately aggressive, certainly not in the harsh way that an R41 can be. For me it means simply that I cannot be sloppy in my technique as I can with other razors. As Steve mentioned, it is an easy razor to find an effective angle, and is in fact has a pretty wide effective angle. I find that it works well with a wide variety of blades with Astra, Voskhods and Personna IP's being my favorite blades.

    Whether you order a long or short handled version doesn't matter, they are both equally effective.
  8. I'm finishing my first week with a Cadet OC today. I used a red Israeli Personna blade and got pretty good results. Getting the right shave angle down was a bit tricky, but you'll soon get the hang of it. It is a fairly aggressive razor (comparatively speaking), so you have to take it easy on any "problem" areas on your face, especially going ATG. I got some pretty good shaves with it this week, and look forward to trying it with other blades in the future (namely Voskhods).

    I say go for it!
  9. I have a TP-26 in the regular rotation. I would say it is a moderately aggressive razor. More than an Old Type or a New, but not too bad. I have always got a very close shave with it. Great razor for the price and would recommend it if you are looking for a new OC.
  10. I have a cadet and use it sometimes. Nice, ESP for the price. Moderately aggressive. Step down from the r 41, but much smoother
  11. Cadet OC and a Voskhod is my go to combination. My favorite razor that I own.
    I would call it more efficient than aggressive but you do have to mind it. Very user friendly when learning what it wants.
  12. Thanx again fellow shavers, looks like this is the razor I'm gonna get!!! I am looking forward to becoming proficient with using an OC razor.......!!!

    John H.
  13. +1. I have the TP-44 which has a 4" handle that resembles the art deco design of the 1904 (it's beautiful). Unfortunately, I bought the safety bar had with it, and lately I have been leaning toward open comb razors. So I took the handle and put it on the head from my Merkur 41c, which is a 1904 replica and has a 3" handle. The combo is great. I plan to try the handle on the heads from my LC and SC News and my FaTip to see how they fare. I may have to break down and get another TP-44, this time with the OC head.
  14. Aggressive razor hence better to avoid ATG pass till you start coming out successfully with WTG and XTG passes; of course i get dfs in single pass with Green Gillette blades and fairly a BBS (except my jaw line) with WTG and XTG passes. It also demands your attention all the while. Best of luck.
  15. I had similar criteria when I was hunting for an OC: very price sensitive, seeking the most value I could get for ~$20 or less, something getting at least some serious love. My research at the time (March 2013) showed the Cadet OC getting pretty uniformly good to great reviews. B&B's Brotherhood of the Open Comb leaders had been considering doing a group buy or B&B BOTOC sponsored razor, and had selected the Cadet OC. While it's the only OC I've ever shaved with, I love it. And, while I really liked the handle, I've ended up combining it with a Sabi T1 handle, also from Shaveabuck. (The Sabi head I found a bit scratchy at the corners, ended up combining it with the Cadet handle and PIF'd it, although you could also sell it). I call it the Cadet Mastif.
  16. How do they compare to the merkur classic OC, and Gillette new SC ?

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